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8 May 1958: Speaker at St. Bonaventure University’s ROTC Centennial Day

    St. Bonaventure University held its centennial celebration during the 1957-58 school year This year-long event started with an Inaugural Mass on October 4, 1957, that was attended by a delegate from the Pope.  The year was highlighted by many auspicious happenings, including symposiums, conferences, lectures, building additions to the campus, and special days, like Education Day, Athletics Day, Journalism Day, and Military Day.  The whole commemoration was so large that  the Olean community joined in, and the university received recognition in The Catholic News, The Pittsburgh Press and the News Bulletin for NYS Counselors.

    Military Day, which was open to the public, was at the tail-end of the celebration, but a huge one nonetheless.  Events included: a parade by the Cadet Corps; field mass; presentation of awards; an eleven gun salute; and display of old and new armed forces equipment.  The equipment display was quite extensive, and contained items such as a helicopter, a nine-foot scale model of the Navy’s largest air-craft carrier, Bona’s own howitzers, replicas of the “Explorer” satellite and “Nike Ajax” rocket, and some weapons even dating back to the American Revolution.  A display of Lt. Marshall’s books could be viewed in the library (OTH and BV 2 May 1958). 

    The climax of the day was the invitation-only banquet of almost 1000 quests in the Hickey Dining Hall, and Marshall was the main speaker at this event.  His talk was broadcasted on WHDL radio from 6:45-7:15 pm the same night.  He urged America to not ease down on national security and to uphold national democracy, among other key points that were well received by the audience.

Military Day: Articles and Pictures


7 June 1959: Received Honorary Degree: Doctor of Laws

      S.L.A. Marshall was among the three recipients of honorary degrees at the ninety-ninth commencement exercises.  This took place on the Devereux Lawn at 3:00 p.m. and were presided over by Very Rev. Brian Lhota, President of the University.  Dr. Anthony A. Nemetz, a professor of philosophy from Ohio State University, received a Honorary Doctor of Human Letters Degree, and had visited  Bonaventure in the past for the Centennial Event.  Samuel F. Pryor Jr., Vice-President of Pan American World Airlines, received a Honorary Doctor of Commercial Science Degree, and also gave the commencement address to the graduates.  Two-hundred seventy-nine students received their degrees from St. Bonaventure that year.

Honorary Degree: Article and Picture


January 1959: Donation of Blitzkrieg Original Manuscript to St. Bonaventure University

    This quite extraordinary manuscript was received in January 1959.  Twenty pages in length, it contains writing on both sides.  This is the only book that Marshall has ever done in long hand, and is the product of seven successive nights of work.  Blitzkrieg analyzes Germany's victories in WWII that contributed to the knocking out of France by May 1940.

Blitzkrieg: Articles


24 September 1959: Donation of Items to St. Bonaventure University’s Rare Book Collection

    St. Bonaventure University added to its valuable rare book collection when  Marshall donated galley-proofs and typescripts of two of his best-selling books, Pork Chop Hill and Sinai Victory.  Korea in the summer of 1953 is the scene for Pork Chop Hill, while Sinai Victory tells of  the 100-hour Arab-Israeli war, the shortest war in history, in the fall of 1956.  St. Bonaventure also received an autographed copy of Pork Chop Hill inscribed to Father Brian Lhota, O.F.M., former president of the university, at some point in 1959.  One account lists 24 September 1959, as the correct date of donation, while another states 7 June 1959.  


2 October 1973: Presentation of Gifts to St. Bonaventure University

    Various items were personally presented to Fr. Damien McElrath, O.F.M., president of the University, by S.L.A. Marshall, along with his wife.  Typescripts for the books: Bird-The Christmastide Battle; Night Drop; Crimsoned Parade; The Fields of Bamboo; Battle at Best; Bastogne; Swift Sword; and Battles in the Monsoon were received.  A variety of different maps, text pages, illustrations, photos, and master and author galley proofs were included.  Perhaps the most memorable contribution was an original thank-you letter by Dwight D. Eisenhower to his troops.  This correspondence is framed in glass and written on Stationary of Headquarters European Theatre, U.S. Army Office Commanding General.

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