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I. Memorabilia 1


A. Items found in his prayer books (Folder)

                  1. Prayer cards for deceased priests

                  2. The Little Book of St. Francis

                  3. Many prayer cards of friends or perhaps funerals he served

                  4. Weekly planner of 1971

                  5. Memorandum Book

                  6. Book of German Poetry, written in German

B. Random photos of friends, family, and some memorabilia

                  1. Prayer Cards

                  2. Christmas Cards

                  3. Pictures standing in front of Friedsam Library

                  4. Family Photos

                  5. Plane Crash Photos, Fredonia

                  6. Selective Service Card

                  7. Pics of Younger Friedsam Library

                  8. Roll of Film developed by Irenaeus, including negatives



IIa. Photographs I




                      IP.Herscher_I.110-149--Show and Tell



IIb. Photographs II




                      IP.Herscher_I.218-301--Local, Miscellaneous, Buildings

                      IP.Herscher_I.302-431--Group photos

                      IP.Herscher_I.432-505--Ethelmary Oakland 



III. Memorabilia 3


A. Paperback Materials

          1. Death announcement card of Fr. Irenaeus

                  2. His school notebook, dated 1913 (English and German)

                  3. St. Irenaeus Parish Centennial Celebration Book

                  4. St Irenaeus, The Father of Mariology by Noel F. Moholy, OFM

                  5. The Catholic Library World, Vol. 19, No.1, October 1947

                  6. Columbia University, annual commencement, June 5, 1934

                  7. Quote sign: “Appreciation for past favors is a pledge of future blessings”

                           -Fr. Irenaeus

B. Leather-bound, hard copy works

                  1. Exercises in Latin Syntax, St. Vincent College, 1911

                  2. Brevarium Seraphicum, 1930

                  3. Brevarium Romano-Seraphicum, 1951

                  4. Brevarium Romano-Seraphicum, 1951 (better condition)

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IV. Memorabilia 4


A. Travels Abroad Book

                  1. Loose notebook paper of own notes

                  2. Descriptions of places visited

         B. Trip to Rome 1967 (folder)

                  1. Christmas Carols (for trip, in blue book)

                  2. Invitation to Ordination at St. Peter’s Basilica

                  3. Inquiry letter about Indian Language Dictionary by Fr. Otto Skolla in Friedsam


                  4. Ordination Program, North American College, Rome, Dec.21, 1967

C. Nameplate reads “Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, O.F.M., March 11, 1902-January 28, 1981”



V. Personal 1


A. Biography

         1. “In Nomine Domini”

                  2. Auto-Biography of Father Irenaeus ( 2 copies )

                  3. "Merton's Constant Friend at Saint Bonaventure: Irenaeus Herscher, OFM" The Merton Seasonal 42:3, Fall 2017


B. Family Genealogy

                  1. Certificate of Baptism of John Baptist Iffrig, nephew to Irenaeus

                  2. Photo of George Iffrig and Josephine Iffrig, sister and brother-in-law

                  3. Iffrig family branch, Philadelphia, PA.

C. Autobiographical Fr. Irenaeus (Who’s Who in Religion)

                  1. Faculty Information Sheets

                  2. Resume

                  3. Paperwork in staff positions

                  4. Page long bio’s

         D. Canisius College Citation

         1. Special Citation letter (3) –recognized as outstanding librarian

E. Guebwiller, Birthplace

         1. Several German Pamphlets

         2. Correspondence with Ray Vorburger (student)

         3. “Father and the Values He Taught Me” by Ray Vorburger, 1977

F. Commencement, 1934/Transcripts

         1. Columbia University Commencement, 1934

         2. Irenaeus Herscher, College Record of grades/classes at St. Bonaventure

G. Commencement 1969/Letters

         1. Doctor of Letters, June 1, 1969 (by Fr. Leo Keenan)

H. Diplomas/Certificates

         1. Ordination Invitation

         2. Invitation to award ceremonies

         3. Large Award in Latin?

         4. Columbia University Bachelor of Science Diploma

I. St. Bonaventure Diploma

J. First Mass- June 14, 1931

         1. Remembrance Card of Ordination/First Solemn Mass

         2. Newspaper article of First Solemn Mass

K. Golden Jubilee/Illness/Retirement Cards

         1. Silver Jubilian Card

         2. Get Well cards

         3. Golden Jubilee Cards

         4. Retirement Cards

         5. Newspaper Clippings

         6. List of thank you cards

         7. Photos of Golden Jubilee

L. Obituary/Death Notices

         1. Remembrance Cards (5)

         2. Sermon by Father Reginald Redlon

         3. Newspaper Clippings of death

         4. Prayer Cards

M. Who’s Who in America

         1. Newspaper Clipping

         2. Article

         3. Two-Thousand Men of Achievement 1969

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VI. Articles by and about him/Speeches A-F


A. List of Articles by Irenaeus (1937-1940)

B. ‘Brother Eugene’ (Gustav Deutsch)

                  By Irenaeus

C. ‘Fr. Joseph Butler’

                  By Irenaeus

         D. ‘Fr. Abade’s Pass’

                  1. In The Laurel, January 1947

E. ‘Devereux Hall’

                  1. About history of Nicholas Devereux

                           By Irenaeus

F. ‘A Decade of Building

                  1. Bonaventure Construction in the 50’s.

                           By Irenaeus

         G. Commemorative Stamp

                  1. Letters from Sister Marie Peter

                  2. “In God We Trust” Drive

                  3. Petitions for Guttenberg Stamp

H. Catholic Library Association, San Francisco 1947

                  1. Paper by Irenaeus, on Catholic Cultural Heritage/Literature

I. Conference of Death and the Dying

                  1. For Sister Ellen at St. Joseph’s Manor 1975

                           By Irenaeus

J. The Coming of the Franciscans

                  1. About Franciscan influence at St. Bonaventure and local area

                           By Irenaeus

K. Catholic Library Association at Friedsam Library.

                  1. Paper by Irenaeus on Catholic Literature and Rare books

L. Catholic Daughters of America

                  1. A Franciscan Look at Books, lecture by Irenaeus

M. The Cardinal and the Second Council of Lyons

                  1. Paper about it, by Irenaeus

N. Bonaventure Man

1. Paper by Irenaeus on the important men in the life at St. Bonaventure   University

O. ‘Bonaventure’

         1. Paper about St. Bonaventure himself, by Irenaeus

P. Bona Notes Charter Centenary

         1. Paper by Irenaeus mainly on monetary funding of buildings on campus

Q. Bibliographies

         1. On The Absolute Primacy of Christ and Mary

         2. On Nicholas Devereux

R. Articles about Fr. Irenaeus

1. By William Kessel, Robert Dyment, Catherine Jandoli, Steve Agosto, Kathy Fitzgerald, Anne McI. Matthews, John Armstrong

S. ‘Alexander of Halas’

         1. Articles by Irenaeus

T. Papers- ‘Franciscan Firsts’

         1. Many articles about how Franciscans were the first to do and or founders of many things, in New York State history.

         2. The Immaculate Conception, and the Franciscan Order- timeline

U. Franciscan Articles/Documents by Irenaeus

                  1. Franciscans and NY

                  2. Newspaper article, Bona students posing at Niagara Falls        

                  3. Correspondence

                  4. Franciscans working in NY state (numbers)

V. The First Christmas Crib and Peace Prayer

         1. Credited by St. Francis, by Irenaeus

W. Franciscan Factors in the Foundation of the Society of Jesus

         1. About Franciscans and Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola

         By Irenaeus

X. Franciscan Factors in the Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola

         By Irenaeus

Y. Franciscans and New York State

         1. Franciscan NY state history

                  By Irenaeus

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VII. Articles by and About Him/Speeches, Sermons H-End


A. The History of the Allegany Franciscan Sisters

                 1. By Sister M. Merici

B. History of St. Bonaventure College and Seminary (draft)

           1. 24 page article, w/ references


                 1.Speech by Irenaeus on Palestinian Canon

D. The Reverend Francis William Kearney

                 1. News page

E. Lenten Meditation

                 1. Sermons

F. Life, Character, and Works of Venerable Bede, and Translation of the Homily ot Quinta Die Infra Octavam

G. Paschal Robinson, O.F.M.

         1. Speech

H. McGraw-Jennings

         1. Speech

I. Publications, Contributions, or Published work by Fr. Irenaeus

         1. And Coincidences and Catastrophes

J. Rotary Clubs

         1. Speech to Rotary Club

K. (R.O.T.C.)

         1. St. Barbara, patron saint of field artillerymen


L. St. Anthony of Padua

         1. The Companion

         2. Clippings

         3. Articles, by Irenaeus

                  4. U.S. Postage stamps of St. Anthony

M. St. Bonaventure and Double Jubilee

                  1. Article or paper?

N. St. Bonaventure University Associations with Ireland

                  1. Fact Sheet

O. ‘St. Joseph’s Manor’

                  1. Provincial Planning Program

P. Shrine of St. Theresa, talk to Fr. Gervase’s class

                  1. Lecture

                  2. Thomas Merton and St. Theresa

Q. Sermons

                  1. Many, many sermons (old and new)

         R. “So Great a Man” by Fr. Irenaeus

         1. rough sketch (great man= Fr. Plassmann)

         2. Final, article to appear in Friar

S. Trans Atlantic Cable

         1. Correspondence looking for letter of St. John     

         2. Commemorative stamp

         3. News Clippings copies of Trans Atlantic Cable

T. Turkey Thanksgiving

1. Paper by Irenaeus, Friedsam Library may have first picture of a turkey ever to appear in print

2. Thanksgiving clippings

3. Pictures of 1st printed turkey

U. “Two Trees stir Nostalgic Memory”

         1. Story by Irenaeus, 2 trees taken down for campus construction

V. Visit to rare book vault

         1. 26 page lecture by Irenaeus of a tour through vault

W. “What America Means to Me”

         1. 1 page printing Irenaeus on what America means to him

         2. Correspondence with Channel 2, and ambassador of France

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VIII. Academic Affairs- Lib Director Fr. Irenaeus, Petroleum, Cuba oil spring


A. Copies of Petroleum Sunday Cards, April 24, 1949

B. Fr. Joseph de la Roche D’Aiton + USS Chief Soubarissen, Native American

                  1. De la Roche Hall Post Cards

                  2. Picture of USS Soubarissen

                  3. Record Log of ship’s active duty during WWII

4. Bon Alumnus, The discovery of oil by the early Franciscan Missionary, Fr. de la Roche, OFM

5. Article in Olean Press, 1989, about Seneca Oil Spring

                  6. Navy Dept., background story of USS Soubarissen

C. Correspondence

1. With Postmaster General of U.S., stamp commemoration of oil well, included Fr. de la Roche

2. Many, many clipping of story of Cuba Petroleum well, and of Fr. Irenaeus and petition for de la Roche stamp        

3. Letters to and from -NY Times

                           -Channel 4 News

                           -Catholic Publications

                           -House of Representatives   

                           -US Senate

                           -Local Oil Companies

D. Oil Centennial Correspondence

         1. Celebration of Petroleum Sunday, April 24, 1949

         2. Purpose of Petroleum Sunday

         3. Letters from many, many oil companies

E. Miscellaneous

1.Early History of Oil- paper

2. Picture of Seneca Oil Spring memorial

3. Flyer Postings for 1st Petroleum Sunday

4. Picture of Painting to Commemorate Discovery of Niagara Falls

5. “The Friar and Indian Chief”, by Edward Heath

         -Petroleum Today, 1962 (magazine)

6. Dedication Program of De La Roche Hall, 1934

7. Picture of Reenactment of Discovery of Oil Spring, near Cuba, NY

8. March 1950 Laurel

9. Pictures of Seneca Oil Spring

10. Report of Historical Research

11.  Translation of Fr. Joseph de la Roche d'Aillon's letter regarding his travels in the area and the oil spring. Translated by Dorothy Wayman.

F. Centennial Pageant Program, Playbill

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IX. Publications with Articles by and About Him/”Franciscan Literature Checklist”


A. Friar, Franciscan Magazine, 1959 (2)

                  1. Article inside by Fr. Irenaeus

         B. Franciscana – bibliography on St. Francis of Assisi (2 copies)

1. Reading list of standard English works on his life and the scenes associated with his work, by Fr. Irenaeus

C. North Country Life, and New York State Tradition, 1960

         1. “The Franciscans in NY State” by Fr. Irenaeus

D. Friar, National Franciscan Magazine, 1958

         1. “Treasures in Tomes” by Fr. Irenaeus

E. “St. Phillip of Jesus”

         1.  St. Anthony Messenger, 1955, by Fr. Irenaeus

F. Long article titled “St. Bonaventure College and Seminary

         1. By Fr. Irenaeus

G. Friar, National Franciscan Magazine, 1957

         1. “A Bookman Loves his Work” by William C. Kessel, about Fr. Irenaeus

H. Bonamicus, 1968

         1. Article about Fr. Irenaeus

I. The Reign of the Sacred Heart, 1956

         1. Articles about Fr. Irenaeus, by Catherine J. Jandoli

J. Franciscan Literature Checklist, 1958 (2)

         1. Compiled by Fr. Irenaeus

         2. Franciscan books, theses, pamphlets for a proposed Franciscan union catalog

K. Franciscan Bibliography for 1946. reprinted from Franciscan Studies, 3.4, December 1947

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X. Bible Week


A. Short article about the 1st Bible week

B. Proposed List of Philosophy Books for Catholic College Literature

                  1. checked by Fr. Irenaeus, 1938

C. Old Press Releases on Bible Week

D. Bible Association/pamphlets/articles

1. Reproduction of the Smallest Bible in the World

                           a. on microfilm

                           b. Gift of Robert Brill

2. American Bible Society Programs

3. Catholic Religion Proved by Protestant Bible

4. 1st Session

                           a. How to Read the Bible

5. A Catalogue of Books on The Ancient Near East and the Bible

6. The Millionth Volume

                           a. At Ohio University Library

7. Book on text of the Jerusalem Koren Bible

8. Bible and Alphabet: Intro to Hebrew

9. Many Newspaper Clippings

10. Protestant Latin Bibles of Reformation

                           (Selected from a text)

11. Bible Week Flyers

E. Guttenberg Bible- 500th Anniversary: news clippings

         1. Letter from Congress, Daniel Reed

2. Many newspaper clippings of Guttenberg

F. St. Bonaventure’s Collection: Rare bibles, books, news clippings

G. Lectures for National Bible Week

         1. “Bonaventure Books and Bibles” by Fr. Irenaeus

2. A Franciscan Look at the Bible, by Fr. Irenaeus

3. Our Bible Defense, by James J. Davis

H. Letters Concerning the First National Bible Week

         1. From John Fissler, Laymen’s Nat’l Bible Committee

2. From Postmaster General of the U.S.

3. Senate

4. Secretary of the President, M.H. McIntyre (of Roosevelt)

5. Governor of NY State, Herbert H. Lehman

6. Bishop of Kansas City

7. Statement from President Roosevelt on the Bible in the military

I. First National Bible Week News Clippings

         1. All selected news clippings

J. Photos

1. Joseph Aud, Seminarian at Bona’s, designing Cachet to be used on Biblical Sunday

2. Photocopy of the Cachet

3. Stencil of Ernest Hix’s ‘Strange as it Seems’

K. Bible Cachet Sketch

         1. Newspaper clippings

         2. Original sketch of the commemorative stamp

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XI. Printing Materials


         A. ‘altar chapel’

B. cut of Luca Paccioli, Father of Accounting

C. Cardinal Falconio, coat of arms

D. Cut showing Antiphonale, violinist (Olean Music Assoc.) Jim Hayes, Prof. Klee

E. Reading Room, Library

F. Cut of Bible Week cachet

G. St. Bona Books, Fr. Irenaeus

H. Cut of Friedsam Memorial Library

I. Print of Newman?

J. Literature

1. Franciscans and Printing

2. The Catholic Library World, “Franciscans and the Art of Printing” by    Fr. Irenaeus

3. The Catholic Bookman, “First Book Printed in America” by Irenaeus

4. ‘Homage to Newman’, 1845-1945

5. Three Fold Printing Centennial, by Fr. Irenaeus

6. Clippings on Paper, and printing

7. 1st American Printing in Mexico, articles

8. Timeline of Development of Printing

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XII. Printing 2


A. American Institute of Graphics

                  1. Regular correspondence with Will Ransom, secretary of

B. Printing Bibliographies

C. Filler Speeches, 3 –fold printing centennial

                  1. Lectures, letters, speeches

D. Printing Celebration, Honorary Committee Correspondence

                  1. Lists of People

                  2. Several letters to Father Plassman

E. Correspondence, Printing Celebration

                  1. Letters to Fr. Irenaeus about the 500th anniversary of printing

                  2. Letters congratulating his paper/speech on it

F. Printing History

                  1. Chronological timeline of printing

                  2. Paper on History of printing

                  3. The St. Bona Venture, March 8, 1940

                           a. Dozens of articles on printing

G. Clippings/Printing Celebration

                  1. Mostly from Olean Times Herald

         H. Printing Commemorative Stamp

                  1. Suggestions for Proposed Cachet

                  2. Letter to Fr. Plassman from US Senator

I. Printing-Zumarrag, Mexico 1539

                  1. Papers, clippings, notes

                  2. The St. Bona Venture October 22, 1939

J. Gutenberg 1439, Strasburg

                  1. Guttenberg clippings

                  2. Correspondence about Gutenberg with several seminaries, NY Times, Priests.

K. Talk at Corning, NY (Fr. Irenaeus)

                  1. Correspondence with Corning Library

                  2. Correspondence with Jamestown Free Library

                  3. The speech

         L. Radio Talk (26 Lead Soldiers)

                  1. A Salute to Printers (paper)

M. Printing Centennial

                  1. Franciscan Reflections on the Three-fold Printing Centennial

                  (Lecture or Speech)

                  2. The Catholic Literature and Press Exhibit (speech)

         3. 2 more lectures from Centennial, untitled

         N. Printing Centennial, Prep for Library Celebration

                  1. List of guests

                  2. List of awardees

                  3. Radio talk on printing

                  4. Centennial Souvenir Card

                  5. List of Exhibits

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XIII. Herscher/Lasser Correspondence 1950-1967

**NOTE: Correspondence list is not comprehensive.


A. 1950-1956

                  1. Lasser Letters

                  2. Francis Ford Letter- “Case of the Seneca Indians v. the State of New York”

B. 1957

         1.  Letters of Agnes J. Wise collection

         2. Frederick Henry Letters, book sale bargaining,

                  Bomberg Bible, Cosmographia

C. 1958

1. Frederick Henry letters, books sold to Friedsam Library for $250, and more offered

         2. Letters asking for evaluations of Bomberg Bible

         3. Agnes J. Wise collection

D. 1959

         1. Agnes J. Wise collection

         2. Letters from Morton-Smith, England

E. 1960

         1. Agnes J. Wise collection

         2. Correspondence from Morton Smith- Co.

         3. Buckingham Gate, London, England

F. 1961

         1. Agnes J. Wise collection

         2. Invoices, St. Louis University

         3. Lasser-Peruvian ambassador correspondence

         4. Buckingham Gate letters

G.  1962

         1. Agnes J. Wise collection

         2. Morton-Smith book letters

         3. Buckingham Gate, Ifan Kyrle Fletcher

         4. Howes Bookshop ltd.

         5. James S. Milloy

         6. Frank Carlton, Kansas Senator

H. 1963

         1. Agnes J. Wise Collection

         2. Mr. James Thin, Edinburgh, Scotland

         3. James S. Milloy

         4. Morton-Smith

         5. MB Franks

         6. Howes Book Shop

I. 1964

         1. Agnes J. Wise collection

         2. Morton-Smith

         3. William Milks

         4. A. Rosenthal, Oxford Dictionaries

         5. Howes Bookshop ltd.

         5. H.A. Grant

J. 1966-1967

         1. Lasser “Papers of Woodrow Wilson”

         2. Mr. H.A. Grant

         3. Agnes J. Wise collection

         4. A Source of the Genevan & Authorized Versions of the Bible


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XIV. Herscher/Lasser Correspondence 1968-1982

**NOTE: Correspondence not comprehensive, obvious are noted or are in progress of identfication


                  A. 1968

                           1. Lasser, sacred music of all faiths

                           2. Thomas Carney

                           3. Anthony Paternith

                           4. Agnes J. Wise collection

                           5. Fr. Pat Coyle, Jerusalem

                           6. Herbert Zafren

                  B. 1969

                           1. Lawrie J. Daly

                           2. Andrew Eaton

                           3. Kenneth Nabors

                           4. Charles Ermatinger

                           5. Richard Cardinal Cushing

                           6. Marvin Whatmore

                           7. Rev. Joseph Maguire

                           8. Shirley Povich

                           9. Sotheby’s, Mortin-Smith

                  C. 1970

                           1. Samuel J. Lasser

D. 1971

                           1. Samuel J. Lasser

                        2. Lowrie J. Daly

3. James Farley

4. Jim Bishop

5. Edwin J. Beinecke

E. 1972

1. Hugh A. Grant

2. Samuel J. Lasser

                  3. David Sassoon, India

                  4. Bhupat C. Katakia

                  5. Jim Bishop

         F. 1973

                  1. Samuel J. Lasser

                  2. Francis Edwards

                  3. Dorothy W. Bean

         G. 1974

                  1. Lady Victor Sassoon

                  2. Samuel J. Lasser

                  3. Dorothy Bean

                  4. Robert H. Ross

                  5. Sr. Felicitas Corrigan, England

         H. 1975

                  1. Samuel J. Lasser

                  2. Lady Sassoon

                  3. Mrs. George Petro

                  4. Fr. Damian McElrath

                  5. M.L. Connely

                  6. Irwin Thomases

                  7. Jane Lasser

                  8. Richard Gilbertson

                  9. Sr. Rose Francis Dunn

                  10. Hugh A. Grant

                  11. Hebrew University

I. 1976

                  1. Samuel J. Lasser

                  2. Hugh A. Grant

                  3. Fr. Mathias Doyle

                  4. Charles Feinberg

                  5. photocopy of old book cover

         J. 1977

                  1. Samuel J. Lasser

                  2. Richard Gilbertson, antiquan bookseller

                  3. Bob Murray

                  4. Miles L. Lasser

                  5. Uncle Jim?

6. Chee Chee

7. Rev. Connelly

                  8. Paul Grinke, England

         K. 1978

                  1. Samuel J. Lasser

                  2. Uncle Jim?

                  3. Jean Sinclair

                  4. Dr, Richard F. Mullen

                  5. W.J. Callahan

                  6. Fr. Terence

                  7. Gould P. Coleman

                  8. Barry McKay

                  9. Chee Chee

         L. 1979

                  1. Jane Lasser

                  2. Samuel J. Lasser

                  3. Werner K. Koehler

                  4. Mrs. Ralph D. Pittman

                  5. W.A. Simpson

                  6. Charles Gustafson

                  7. Frank Carlson

         M. 1980-1981

                  1. Samuel J. Lasser

                  2. Jane Lasser

                  3. Derek Rokison, England

                  4. I.G. Kenyun Hodgkins

         N. Miscellaneous

                  1. undated letters (3)


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XV. Fr. Irenaeus Correspondence 1940-1969-1972

**NOTE: Correspondence list is not comprehensive.


A. 1940-1945

                  1. Congratulatory letters on Printing Anniversary

         B. 1946

C. 1947

         D. 1948-1949

                  1. Letters about Oil Spring, Fr. De la Roche

E. 1950

F. 1951

G. 1952

         H. 1953-1957

         I. 1958

                  1. Canisius College Citation

                  2. Correspondence with Bernice Davidson

                           (Chief Curator, Rhode Island School of Design

                           a. discussion of Vanni painting

                           b. picture of Vision of St. Francis by Vanni

J. 1959

         1. Ramsey Devereux

         2. Thomas Merton (Fr. Louis)

K. 1960-1966

         L. 1967-1969-1972
1960's-1970's Martin Family


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XVI. Correspondence 1970-1981

**NOTE: Correspondence list is not comprehensive.


         A. 1970

         B. 1971-72

         C. 1973


E. 1977

         F. 1978

         G. 1979

                  1. Dr. Thomas Mathias letters, concerning Bishop Timon

         H. 1980

I. 1981


XVII. Correspondence, 1930’s, Miscellaneous

**NOTE: Correspondence list is not comprehensive.


                  A. Correspondence 1932-1939

B. Miscellaneous, 1937-1939

                  C. Fr. Irenaeus, Art

                           1. Madonna, School of Da Vinci

                           2. correspondence

                           3. photos

                  D. SBU scripts, Dept. of Commerce, Radio TV

                           1. Dorothy Langevini

                  E. Fundraising

                  F. Miscellaneous Correspondence

                           1.postcards, thank you notes

                  G. Fr. Irenaeus and Jim Bishop

                  H. “Letters and Publicity on Dylan Thomas Display”

                           1. collection displayed at Bona’s

                  I. Collection of Ray G. Sweeney

                           1. cards touched by Pope Pius XII.

                           2. Wood carving letters, of Japanese POW

                  J. Sermons/misc. letters


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XVIII. Fr. Irenaeus—Briefcase, Plaque


     A. Briefcase (empty)

                  B. Western New York Catholic Librarians Conference

                           1. Silver Anniversary Award (plaque)



XIX. Fr. Irenaeus, Miscellaneous


         A. Misc. Photos in Irenaeus possession

                  B. Article, on St. Lawrence Seaway

                  C. Baseball Cachet, Correspondence

                      1. cachet for Bona contribution to baseball

                           2. correspondence, US Senate, Postmaster General

                                    (no picture of cachet)

              D. “The Clock” for Christ the King Seminary

                      1. proposal, letters for clock structure

E. Franciscan Union Catalogue

                      1. Holding lists of libraries

              F. Gosnell and NY State Union Catalogue

                      1. Gosnell- NY state librarian

                    G. Leadership Training Program

                  H. Misc. Correspondence

                          1. Overdue book notice from 1959

                  I. Misc. Material

                  J. Fr. Juniper Serra.

                            1. Correspondence and materials related to a translation of Palou's Vida of Padre Junipero Serra.


XX.  Fr. Irenaeus, Added material


A.     Donation from Raymond Dee (2008-020). 

1.      Letter from Fr. Irenaeus describing value of a book in Mr. Dee’s collection, 11/17/1979.

2.      Short biography of John Sherman the author of the book.

3.      Sherman, John.  John Sherman’s Recollections of 40 Years in the House, Senate and Cabinet, vol. 1.  1895.

4. Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1963.  Inscribed to Fr. Irenaeus from Thea Ruppel. (2/3/2009)

5. Interview with Mrs. Theo. Sheldon by Fr. Irenaeus. (11/6/1968). 2013.2.51


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