The Kalvan Tour--Page 7


After the Saski debacle at Fyk, the Hostigi Army of the Listra follows the fleeing troops into Sask.  Sask Town (Altoona) is under bombardment from Tarr Sask, where Balthames has holed up. 

This view is of the Sask Town environs from the slope of Brush Mountain looking to the southwest.  Tarr Sask is farther to the south on the same mountain.


Brush Mountain from the west.  Tarr Sask would be somewhere to the right end of the mountain.


In order to avoid Balthames bombardment, Kalvan loops around the western side of Sask Town.  As he moves around the southern edge he passes a place set in his former timeline, Allegany Furnace, site of an early iron forge.
He continues on to the Sask Temple of Styphon on the site of the Hollidaysburg Courthouse.


Meanwhile, Rylla and Dalla were capturing Sarrask near Darax, a village in the Listra Valley.

My thesis that Piper used a few local names to inspire his Zarthani version came to me first when I was looking for likely places for Darax.  Dix (aka Dick's) Run seemed to have the right sounds, and it fits the story, so why not!


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