The Kalvan Tour--Page 6

Fyk battlefield

Looking east from the slope of the Bald Eagle Mountains towards the battlefield.  The battle lines would have stretched from the Besh River branch, just past the highway bridge over the slopes of the two hills in the center of the picture. 

Fyk (Grazierville) is to the right behind the colorful grove of trees.  Fry creek flows through the valley between the hills.  It's my view that some of Piper's naming took inspiration from the local features, thus Fry/Fyk, Dick's/Darax.  This was a hint I took for locating this site.

An enlargement of the above shot's key area showing the approximate ground level, invisible in the trees, but quite possibly treeless in Piper's time.  It is flat on the left of the Hostigi lines up to the slopes of the hills.  Kalvan's right wing would have moved down the slope in the fog, ending up behind the hill on the Saski left.  A left turn found them marching up hill, then flattening out again.  All of which seems to fit this site.


Looking south, on the ground near Kalvan's position in the line, which would have stretched to the right.  Kalvan's troops moved down the slope to get below the line of fire of the Saski guns on the hill to the front. In the thick fog, Kalvan's force drifted to the right of this hill and ended up making a left turn and climbing up the west slope, instead of the northern one we see here. 

Notice that the trees here are relatively young, probably all new growth since Piper wrote the novel.

From near the above position, but looking to the east, along the battleline, Hostigos to the left, Sask to the right.

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