Devereux Hall

The main structure and the chapel wing of Devereux Hall were finished in 1928. The west wing was built after the fire of 1930. The building was designed by architect Chester Oakley with an Italian style typical of Franciscan monasteries of the 16th century. Harvard Brick was used for the exterior and red Spanish tile was used for the roof.

"Dev", as it is commonly called, was named for Nicholas Devereux who helped found the university in 1858. It is the second oldest building still remaining on campus and was the first dormitory. It is rumored that the building is haunted and many of its residents will tell you that they have encountered one of its ghosts at one time or another. Dev's fifth floor is also a source of many legends and superstitions. Originally, a chapel was placed in the east wing of Devereux Hall. The chapel was converted into Garrett Theatre in 1961.

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