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Student Activities at St. Bonaventure have been going on since its founding.  Athletics was a popular activity that many of the male students participated in (especially since female students were not admitted as day students until 1942).  Especially during the post World War I era, athletics were emphasized, notably baseball, football and basketball.  Also out of the post- WWI era came an increase in the size of the student body, which triggered the founding of student government.  Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities multiplied.  Here is a list of many of the earliest activities that existed at St. Bonaventure:

Fraternities at St. Bonaventure

Sectional Clubs at St. Bonaventure  

Theater at St. Bonaventure                        


1861: St. Bonaventure's 1st entertainment

1875: St. Francis Silver Concert Band

          St. Anthony Debating Society

          Duns Scotus Debating Society

          St. Cecilia’s Orchestra

          St. Bonaventure Philharmonic and Dramatic Society

1877: Third Order of St. Francis

1880: St. Joseph’s Glee Club

Music group between 1890-1910

1882: 1st recorded baseball game against another school

1883: Athletic Society established to promote physical activity

1885: Junior Athletic Society for prep students

1893: James Dolan Literary Association (JDLA)

1899: The Laurel 

1901: Basketball

1903: Full swing of athletics 

1909: Indoor soccer

1916: 1st Radio Station (WSBC)


1921: Student Government organized

1926: The St. Bonaventure


Dramatic Presentation group in 1918

1928: 1st yearbook The Laurel Annual

1929: Roger Bacon Mathematical Club (later reorganized and called Physics and Math Club in 1940)

1932: The Laurel dedicated entirely to literary articles

         1st sound picture to play Donovan Kid

1933: George Skelley History Club

1934: Glee Club makes first radio appearance on a national broadcast 

1935: 105 Club

1936: Camera Club

1937: Intramural leagues for swimming and bowling formed

         Bus trips to football games at Niagara and St. Thomas 

1938: Discussion about forming Swim Team

         Menéndez y Pelayo

1940: Aviation Club

         St. Bonaventure Community Symphony Orchestra

1946: National Student Association

         Ski Club

1949: National Federation of Catholic College Students

         The Debating Society

Activities from the 1950's

Activities from the 1960's

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