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About the Therese Bonney Collection at St. Bonaventure University 

Mabel Therese Bonney (July 15, 1894 - Jan. 23, 1978)

Therese Bonney gained world renown during World War Two as a photo journalist.  She is best known for her work which showed the ravages of war on a civilian population.  

She first gained attention for her coverage of the Russo-Finnish war.  Being the only journalist present, she had the entire story to herself and was awarded the White Rose of Finland for her bravery.  During World War Two she traveled throughout western Europe taking photographs of the children devastated by the conflict which she later put into her best selling work "Europe's Children".  

It was her goal to help create international ties between Europeans, particularly the French, and the American people.  She also became involved in Red Cross efforts across France.  She was well known both in Europe and the United States.  

St. Bonaventure University's Therese Bonney Collection includes articles about Therese Bonney, a copy of her death report from France, correspondence, and an autographed copy of Europe's Children.  It was donated by Ralph King, a former math professor at Bonaventure, and brother-in-law to Jeanne Brunner Osbourne, the daughter of a close friend of Therese Bonney.  


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