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The Theresa Bonney collection at the St. Bonaventure archives began with the donations made by Ralph King, a Former math professor at the university.  He was also the Brother-in-law to Jeanne Brunner Osbourne, the daughter of a close friend to Theresa Bonney.  His donations included a collection of articles about Bonney, a copy of her death report from France, correspondence, and a signed copy of Europe's Children.  Since his donation the archives has added other works by Therese Bonney.

1) Europe's Children - Published by Rhode Publishing Company and distributed by Duell, Sloan and Pearce, INC.  New York.  Therese Bonney's most famous book, the copy in the archives is signed by Therese Bonney.  This book is a chronicle of the live of the children in Europe during World War two and is a devastating account of the hardships they were forced to live through. 

2) One Box including articles written about Therese Bonney, correspondence, a copy of her death report from a French hospital, a famous photograph of Therese Bonney taken at the Finnish front the day she received the White Rose of Finland, and a small pamphlet commemorating Therese Bonney's sister Louise, upon her death.
     1) American Embassy.  Paris, France.  Telegram to T. Bonney. 28 Jan. 1978?.
     2) Blume, Mary.  "The First and Only Thérèse Bonney." International Herald Tribune (29-30 Dec. 1973): n.p.
     3) Bonney, Theodore.  Letter to Jeanne Osborne. 27 March 1979.
     4) Bonney, Therese.  Europe's Children. N.p.: Rhode, 1943.
     5) Bonney, Therese.  "The Friends of Ammerschwihr." Unpublished poem. 
     6) Last Will & Testament.  12 Jan. 1977. copy
     7) Bonney, Therese.  Letter to Nina [Robie Brunner?]. (197?).
     8) Downes, Bruce. "Europe's Children." Popular Photography (Dec. 1943): 38+.
     9) "Europe's Children." America (11 March 1944): 632.
     10) Hughes, Alice.  "Woman's New York." Buffalo Courier-Express (11 March 1947): 10.
     11) List of effects of Therese Bonney? copy.
    12) Osborne, Jeanne Brunner. Letter to Theodore Bonney, et al. N.d. 
    13) Osborne, Jeanne Brunner.  Letter to "Mom".  4 April 1979.
     14) Photograph.  Therese Bonney at the Finnish Front.
    15) Robie genealogy.  9th generation. 3 p.
    16) Robertson, Nan.  "In a Life of Firsts, She Has Few Regrets."  The New York Times 25 July 1976: 38.
    17) Simms, Wm. Philip. "Starvation Weapon." Scripps-Howard Newspapers (March 1944).
     18) Simpson, V. M., American Vice-Consul, France. Letter to T. Romney.  6 Feb. 1978.
     19) Simpson, V. M., American Vice-Consul, France. Report on death of Therese Bonney.  6 Feb. 1978.
     20) "Syracuse Model Increases Income From $600 to $12,000 in Year by Writings." Syracuse Herald (17 February 1924): n.p.
     21) "Therese Bonney." Current Biography (Feb. 1944). Reprint.
     22) "Therese Bonney, at 83; A Journalist in France." New York Times?
     23) A Tribute : Louise Bonney Leicester, 1891-1968.  Bonney's sister.

Material added by the Archives:

Chroniques Contemporaines : Des femmes photographes racontent...  This 1993 publication of Le Musée d'Histoire Contemporaine (Paris) is an homage to Therese Bonney's work and to 21 other women photographers.  Preface by Robert Doisneau and biographical sketch of Bonney by Therese Blondet-Bisch.

1) Colliers magazine.  These articles were written by Bonney during World War Two while she traveled through Europe documenting the war and its effects on the civilian population.
     "How France Eats." 23 May 1942: 16-18.
     "Roses from France." 27 June 1942: 20-21.
     "How France Lives."  26 July 1942: 54-55.
     "Fruits of War."  22 Aug. 1942: 44+.
     "Children in Peril."  3 July 1943: 21.
     "The Swedes Make the Best of It." 14 Aug. 1943: 22-23.
     "How the Finns Live."  21 Aug. 1943: 24-25.
     "Sweden Turns to Wood."  18 Dec. 1943: 32-33.

2) French Cooking For American Kitchens - This book was written by both Therese Bonney and her sister Louise.  It was published by Robert M. McBride and Company, New York, in 1929.  This book was written in an attempt to make French cooking seem easy to Americans who saw French food as the fanciest and most complicated to prepare.  Call # 95-062-900

3) The Invention of Chic - Therese Bonney and Paris Moderne - This book was written by Lisa Schlansker Kolosek in 2002 and was published by Thames and Hudson, New York.  This book is a chronicle of photographs taken by Therese Bonney of the designs and styles popular in Paris, with a narrative discussing the pictures and Therese Bonney.

4) Rattray, R. F. "Bernard Shaw: A Chronicle" - This book was written by Rattray and the photographs were provided by Therese Bonney.  It was published in 1951 by Roy Publishers, New York. 

5) "Raoul Dufy : Rendu à la peinture." Rapports : France-Etats Unis. October 1950: 3-8.  This is an article from a French Magazine which was written by Therese Bonney.  

6) Remember When - A Pictorial Chronicle of The Turn of The Century and of The Days Known as Edwardian....From The Collection of M. Therese Bonney - Published by Coward McCann,  New York in 1933.  This book is an attempt to show the people of all classes of European society, most notably the royalty. 

7) "Therese Bonney Fights On."  The Free-Lance Star 28 November 1967: 5.  A biographical interview with Bonney.

8)  The Vatican - Published by The Riverside Press, Cambridge Massachusetts 1939.  With introduction by Reverend John LaForge, S.J.  This work by Therese Bonney is meant to be a behind the scenes look at life in the Vatican.  It is also one of the books that first made her famous.

9) Vogue magazine.  
    Blanch, Lesley.  "History in the Taking." 1 July 1943, p. 52-55.  This article briefly describes the activities of two women photojournalists, Therese Bonney and Margaret Bourke-White.
    Bonney, Therese.  "Gertrude Stein in France." 1 July 1942, p. 60+.  Bonney's account of Stein's life in France during WWII.

10) "Women Come to The Front - Journalists, Photographers, and Broadcasters During World War II - Therese Bonney"  Library of Congress Exhibition 7/22/02 (link dead).

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