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 The goal of the SATC was to turn Cadets into officers to serve in the Army. They taught cadets a variety of specialty fields that were needed by the Army for the war effort. From blacksmiths to carpenters, electricians to radio operators, engineers and even chauffeurs, SATC cadets not only learned a basic trade, but were given military instruction. Later, cadets were required to take a class on the current situation and how it pertained to them, or more commonly known as “War Issues.” They were taught basic military skills of the time such as Hand-to-Hand fighting, Bayonet drills, and Trench making. They were drilled in basic Drill and Ceremonies that included marching, column formations, and uniform wear. They were drilled in basic map/chart usage and Land Navigation courses, as well as weapons familiarization with the M41917 Enfield(.30 caliber). Below are some pictures of SATC cadets in day-to-day operations........

Cadets upon arrival in September

Cadets practicing Drill and Ceremonies

Cadet in Formation outside ??


Cadets practicing Bayonet Drills


Cadets at morning Physical Training session(#1)

Cadets at morning Physical Training session(#2)


Cadets holding flag on Armistice Day

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