Robert E. Golden Home Page


            "A Catastrophe"

            "Adam Falk, The Groundhog"

            "Another Roosevelt"

            "Are you a Buffalo"

            "At Sea"

            "At the Trail's End"

            "Borrowed Jingles"

            "How to Use the Bible"

            "I've Yet to Find"

            "Movie Gossip"



            "The Other One Was Booth"

            "Watch Yourself Go By"



            "If the Truth Were Told"

            "Two Portraits"

Robert E. Golden Home Page


            "The Academy; Matinea and Night; The Ragged Messenger"

"Accident to Old Bob Golden; Skinned His Leg on Property Pants and Fell Headlong into Poetry"

            ""Alagazam"; The Story of Pitchmen, High and Low",

            "Albert Boschen Adds Memories to Tales of Giffen Stock"

            "The American Press Story Contest Winners"

            "The Amusement Octopus"

            "An Evening in the Midst of the Bughouse"

"Ancient and Honorable Order of Ananias Fades With the Eclipse of Last Saturday"

            "Are You Tired?"

            "Bob Golden, Editor"

            "Box Car Chirps"

            "The Capital Square"

            "Carnival Chatter"

            "The Carnival, Its Source, Course and Destiny"

            "Caroline County Mission Once Burned Out by Klan",

            "Charley Ross Case Reopened"

            "Charley Ross Found?"

"Chemists Bare Medicine--Miracle Cures Sift Cash From Sucker Pockets"

            "Chief War-Tee, Medicine Man, Dies"

            "Circus Slang Questioned"

            "Circus Slang"

"Clark Hunts a Hobo Pal; Gable Wants to Repay Friend in Adversity"

            "Concert Company Draws Large Crowds at Park"

            "The Curbstone Diplomat"

"Cure-All Doctors Reap Harvest Here--Herb Tonics Offered for Any Ailment"

            "Dictionary of Slang and Idions"

            "Did Charley Ross Live on Buckingham Farm"

            "Don Marquis' Letter Recalled by News of Death's Approach"

            "Don't be a Sucker in an Amusement Park"

            "Dramatic Stock Increase Exceeds Legitimate Decrease"

            "Famed Magician is Dead at 82"

            "Flying Boxcars to be Launched by Air Line"

"Foster Larder Discusses Stage and Stock Companies; Sees Tendency Toward Better and Cleaner Legitimate Plays"

"Four Confidence Men Get $300 From 60 Takoma Park Residents"

            "Free School of Journalism"

            "Freeman Asks Substitutes for Guardsmen"

            "From Out Front",  (July 30, 1932)

            "Harry Tucker"

            "Heirs of the Medicine Man"

            "Henry Duffy Reviews "Guest Star" System"

            "Here's Our Story-Believe it or Not"

            "Ho, Brother 'Bo!' Call Sounded Bidding Hoboes to Convention"

"Hobo Emperor Finds Hollywood Just a Dump of Broken Problems"

            "Hobo Poet Buried in Potter's Field"

"Hold Showman in Fraud Case--Residents of Crawford County, Ill., Up in Arms Because of Swindle"

            "Home, Sweet Home"

            "Hugh Fullerton Says"

            "In the Spotlight"

            "Indian Showman to Tragedy Here After Vivid Life"

            "Indian Tribute to Governor"

            "Intellectual Handouts"

            "Jean, 'Apeman', To Make His Last Tour This Season"

            "Kidnapping as Political Tool is Relatively New Crime"

            "King of Hoboes Gives Recognition to Bob Golden"

            "King of Hobos in Hot Water as News Chief"

            "Kraut is A-Cookin' For Convention of Proud Hobo Clan"

"L.H. Field Co. Will Have Style Show With Play, Lombardi, Ltd."

"Lazy Public Won't Read Sex and Health, So The Spielers Stick to Seeds, Oils, and Soaps"

            "Local Author at Work on Three-Act Comedy"

            "Locked Six Days in Freight Car"

            "M.J. Lapp's Greater Shows"

            "Main Street vs. the Pitchman"

"Med Shows Roil Legitimate--Pitchmen Flash City License and Laugh Over Ire"

            "Minstrel Men In Convention"

            "Miss Desmonde, One of Few Women Who Own Stock Co."

            "A Monk There Was-He Aped Too Well-And He Wasn't"

            "Morgan Wallace is New Head of Stock Managers' Assn."

            "Movies to Attack Dramatic Stock Companies Next"

"National Organization is Launched by Stock Managers of U.S. and Canada"

            "Neil O'Brien, Minstrel Man"

            "The New Era of Stock"

            "Newspapers and the World's Big, Big Story"

"Notes on the Passing Show-Dramatic Stock Gets Newer and More Workable Ideas; Bonstelle Company Gives Play; Movies Warned of Competition"

            "Old Dispatch Building to be Razed" pic

            "Old Timer Recalls Beginning of Feud"

"Old-Time Sidewalk Salesman Still Plies his Trade Among Credulous"

"OMAT Finds Billy B. Van Former Trouper is Still Tops as Wit Despite His Mayor's Job"

            "On the Make"

            "Order of Ananias Even Doubts Minutes of Its Last Meeting"

            "Overhead at the Water Tanks"

                        An interview with W.H. Wright by Elmer J. Walters

            "Pitchdom Forty Years Ago and Today"

            "'Pitchmen' Have Ousted the Old Time Peddlers"

            "Pitchmen "in Woods" Report Going Tough"

            "Pitchmen Gather Here For Largest Conclave"

"Pitchmen's Convention in Cincinnati A Success Beyond All Expectations"

            "Pitchmen's Rights as Citizens"

"Pity the Pitchman, O Paying Public; Pretenders Picking Profits"

            "A Plagiarist"

            "Poe's Little White Cottage in the Bronx"

            "Poe's Little White Cottage in the Bronx"

"Producer Marsh Gives Plays, Box Office and Players Credit for Popularity of the Company"

            "Progress Dooms Another Landmark" pic.

            "Questions and Answers"

"Return of the Medicine Show Man--Just as in the '90's, His Comedians Make You Laugh...And Then He Takes Your Money" pic.

            "Rolling Stone"

            "Rolling Thunder"

            "Roots and Herbs"

"'Saps Incurable,' 'Med Shows' Credo--Faker's Victim Fooled by Old Trick of Gyps"

            "Says He's Charlie Ross; Taken to Bellevue"

            "Sketches From Life; King of the Hoboes"

"Slicker Salesman Comes to Town, Carries Off Cash From Many Suckers"

            "The Speculator"

            "Staging of Plays Held Interesting"

            "Still Able to Draw Crowd"

            "Stock Companies Number 133 Now"

            "The Stock Company"

            "The Stock Company Has its Inning"

            "Stock Company Owner has had Interesting Career"

            "Stock Forging Ahead"

            "A Stock Managers' Association  and its Possibilities"

            "A Stock Managers' Association"

            "Stock Managers Plan Action at First Regular Meeting"

            "Stocks, Agencies Form Agreement"

            "The Suvivor"

            "Theatrical Prospects on the West Coast"

            "They Can Sell But They Die Broke"

"A Thin Dime, Two Nickles, 10 cents! It's the Siren Call of the Pitchmen"

            "This Pitch Business"

            "To See Members of Ross Family"

            "Too Much Slang"

"Urges Curb on Sale of Drug Nostrums--Dr. S.M. Gordon Would Wipe entire Classes of "Cures" From Market by Strict Rules"

            "Vernacular of Pitchdom"

            "Virginia Fairs are Mints to Midway Merchants"

            "The Voice of Broadway"

            "VPF, Halt!"

            "VPF Captains Appointed"

"W.H. Wright, Biggest Employers of Actors in Stock and Legitimate"

            "Wallace Ford, Orphan Hobo, to Play Bo"


            "What Ails the Med Pitch"

            "What is That Babel? Parley of Pitchmen"

            "What Makes A Fair?"

            "When Boxing Was Invented"

            "When Minstrelsy Was in Flower"

            "With the Editor"

            "With the Vanishing Medicine Shows"

"Wrecked Schooner Transformed Into Beach Amusement Resort"

            "The World of Books; Here and There"

            "You Just Can't Stop a Bold Young Man"

            "12 Dramatic Stock Companies in N.Y. Metropolitan District"

            "250,000 is Paid for Seat of Walter Ross"

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