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OMAT Titles

"After Florid Prologue, O.M.A.T. Tells of City's Big Postal Robbery"

"Case History of Local Political Aspirant is Very Convincing Proof to O.M.A.T."

            "Cut Rate Dollar Bill Sale Was Neat Idea, O.M.A.T. Told"

            "Diplomacy Order Robs Life of Joy, Softshoe, Tells O.M.A.T."

            "Doc Step-and-a-Half Johnson Taught O.M.A.T. A-Plenty"

"Drug Clerk Bewails Doctor's 'Lousy Latin' But His Is a Solo in Face of Rummy Game"

            "Ear-Pulling Edict Recalls to O.M.A.T. Threat to Him"

            "Early Movies Here Too Poor to Advertise, O.M.A.T. Finds"

            "Experts Wrong---Dionysius Originated Nice Game of Ball"

"Eyeful of Saunders Causes Oldest Man to Resurrect What Mr. Jim Farley Said"

            "Feud Over Gold Standard Was Something, O.M.A.T. Says"

            "'Gentleman Jim' and King of Minstrelsy Occupy O.M.A.T."

            "Gold Hunt Reminds O.M.A.T. of  Not-So Strange Incident"

"Gold Hunting in Henrico Recalls to O.M.A.T. The Not-So-Strange Case of a Gloucester Man"

            "Goose Step Reminds O.M.A.T. Of His Home Guard Duties"

            "Hobo Neither Bindlestiff, Bum, or Fuzzytail, O.M.A.T. Avers"

"Hot Night and Oldest Man-About-Town Together Produce Yarns From Way Back"

            "Hot Night Loosens Memory of Oldest Man-About-Town"

            "Illegal Tapping of Gas Mains A Lost Art, O.M.A.T. Finds"

            "In Which O.M.A.T. Reveals How Florida Hotels Are Sold"

            "Joe Filched the Golden Citrus at Bazaar, O.M.A.T. Insists"

            "Lure of Market Building Bulls Finally Got Sam, O.M.A.T. Says"

            "Mad World"

            "O.M.A.T. Agrees With Doherty, You Have To Advertise Self"

"O.M.A.T. Explains Subtle Art of Diplomacy to Softshoe, the Harassed Hotel Detective"

            "O.M.A.T. Finds Seay's Pension a Bit Different From Hotel"

"O.M.A.T. From Steps of City's Public Library, Takes Hefty Swing at Reading Habits of Youth"

            "O.M.A.T. Recalls Neutrality Before Spanish-American War"

"O.M.A.T.'s Recollections About Press Club Jog Memory of Editor Emeritus in Norfolk"

"O.M.A.T. Rediscovers Soldier Who Used Embellished Hardtack for Picture Postcards"

            "O.M.A.T. Refuses to Serve As Judge of Worst Actor"

            "O.M.A.T. Spins Good Yarn About Fulton's Buried Tavern"

"O.M.A.T. Takes a Swing From the Floor at Hemingway and Writers Like Him"

            "O.M.A.T. Tenders Sound Advice On Basis of Personal Ken"

            "O.M.A.T. Traces Decline of Virginia's First Families"

            "Of Minstrelsy Occupy O.M.A.T."

            "Old Levy's Hall Was Scene of 1878 Party Given by Jeffs"

            "Old-Time 'Odmph" Lacking in Politics, O.M.A.T. Agrees"

"Oldest Man Gives Show Boat 'Hamlet' Edge On Greek Theatre Here for Streamlined Drama"

            "Oldest Man-About-Town Tells Tales of Tanktown Thespians"

"Operating a Shooting Gallery Not So Simple, Good Location Chief Hitch, O.M.A.T. Learns"

            "Photo Flash on Battleship Nearly Jugs Reporter O.M.A.T."

"Press Club Financed by Honorary Members, Including Himself, Recalled by O.M.A.T."

"Producer in Autobiography Ignores Visit Here, But O.M.A.T. Can't"

"Repititious Safe-Crackings Bore O.M.A.T.; He Submits His Own Tale of  Train Robbery"

            "Reporter Wangles More Yarns from Oldest Man-About-Town"

"Richmond Demands Theatre Despite Fighting Around City, Musician Reminds O.M.A.T."

            "Richmond Was Once Paradise for Pitchmen, O.M.A.T. Recalls"

            "Richmond's Own Noah's Ark and Noah Recalled by O.M.A.T."

"Right to Practice in State Hard-Won by Modern Portia, O.M.A.T. Informs Reporter"

            "'Screwy' Bets on Elections on Decline, O.M.A.T. Notes"        

"Showmen Real Humanitarians Home Plans Convince O.M.A.T."

            "Squawking at World's Fair Touches Off  O.M.A.T. Again"

            "Super-Booster State Publicity Filed With C. of  C. by O.M.A.T."

            "Swappers Grow Big Acorns From Seeds, O.M.A.T. Finds"

            "Texans Balked at 'Hotel Hogg' or Variations, O.M.A.T. Recalls"

            "Who Was Turtle Soup Brady? Old-Timer Tells His Story"

            "World's Fair Sucker Show Explained to O.M.A.T. by Doc"

            "Yellowing Society Clipping makes O.M.A.T. Dance-Minded"

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