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HOBO NEWS REVIEW 23.9 (Jan. 1937)  
     The "Illiterary Digest of Hobo Activities".    
     Published by Hoboes of America this periodical included news, song and poetry.


            "A Hobo and His Friends"

            "America's Most Famous Men"

            "The Boes Lament"

            "The Bum of the Rods and the Bum of the Plush"

            "Dan McGann"

            "The Dishwasher"

            "The Face on the Bar-Room Floor"

            "Fifty Thousand Lumber Jacks"

            "The Gila Monster Route"

            "God Save the Unemployed"

            "Hash on Life"


            "The Hobo Life is the Life For Me"

            "Hobo Memories"

            "The Hobo 'of Course"

            "Hungry Man's Canyon"

            "The Miner's Curse"

            "The Mulligan Stew"

            "The Outcast's Prayer"

            "Overheard at the Watertanks"

            "Police Prerogatives"

            "The Preacher and The Slave"

            "Quarter of a Century Activities"

            "The Race of Men That Won't Fit In"

            "Scissor Bill"

            "The Song of the Wage-Slave"

            "Sport Extra"

            "The Tale of Down and Out"

            "The Tramp's Confession"

            "A Tramp's Prayer"

            "The Under-Dogs"

            "To the Public"

            "Wabash Cannonball"

            "What Is a Hobo?"



            "My Country Life"

            "My Mother"

            "Rock Candy Mountains"

            "Toledo Slim"

            "What is a Friend?"

            "The Wonderer"

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            "A Floater"

            "A Hobo's Sad Story"

            "An English Poster"

            "Casey At The Bat"

            "Darn Queer"

            "De Night Before Christmas"

            "Hobo's Convention"

            "Hold The Fort"

            "Hotel De Hobo"

            "Let's Go"

            "Mother O'Mine"

            "Mr. Booze"

            "My Wandering Boy"

            "No Matter Where You Go"

            "Nothing To Do But Go"

            "One Day-Someway, I'll Make a Stake"


            "Sweet Charity"

            "The 'Blanket Stiff'"

            "The Blue Velvet Band"

            "The Dying Hobo"

            "The Hobo and The Right-of-Way"

            "The Hobo"

            "The Popular Wobbly"

            "The Portland County Jail"

            "The Riddle of the Universe"

            "The Selfmaster Colony"

            "The Sheep and The Goats"

            "The Twenty-Third Psalm of David Modernized"

            "The Wanderlust"

            "They Are Killing Christ"

            "Tho They Promise"



            "We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years"

Robert E. Golden Home Page

THE RAMBLER (a Prisoner Publication)

            "A Biography"

            "Don't Quit"     


            "Forget It"

            "Home Sweet Home"

            "The Rambler"

            "Saints and Sinners"

            "Somehow I'll Win"

            "A Song to Mother"

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