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Purchases from the Endowment

The achievement test desk reference (ATDR):  comprehensive
Allyn & Bacon  2001
RR LB 3060.3 .A28 2002

The art of middle management in primary schools
David Fulton  2001

Assessment in practice; putting principles to work on college
Jossey-Bass  1996
LB 2366.2 .A88 1996

Building a scholarship of assessment
Jossey-Bass  2002
LB 2366 .B85 2002

Changing the way we grade student performance
Jossey-Bass  1998
LB 3051 .C43 1998

Classroom assessment and research:  an update on uses,
Jossey-Bass  1998
LB 2822.75 .C55 1998

The Departmental guide and record book for student outcomes
Agathon  2000

How to say the right thing every time
Corwin  2002  

Knowing what students know
National Academy  2001

Leading every day:  124 actions for effective leadership
Corwin  2002
LB 2805 .L345 2002

Measuring what matters: using assessment and accountability to the new superintendency
Jai Pr  2001
LB 2831.7 .N49 2001

The performing school; managing teaching and learning in a
Routledge  2001

A primer on school budgeting
Scarecrow  2001

Put to the test:  tools and techniques for classroom assessment
Heinemann  2001
LB 3051 .P87 2001

School as community
SUNY  2002


Astin, Alexander W.
Assessment for excellence:  the philosophy and practice of
Oryx  2001


Cross, K. Patricia
Classroom research:  implementing the scholarship of teaching
Jossey-Bass  1996
LB 2331 .C766 1996


Daresh, John C.
Beginning the principalship:  a practical guide for new school
Corwin  2001
LB 2831.92 .D37 2001


Darling-Hammond, Linda
The right to learn:  a blueprint for creating schools that work
Jossey-Bass  2001
LB 2805 .D16 1997


Diamond, Robert M.
Designing and assessing courses and curricula; a practical guide
Jossey-Bass  1997
LB 2361.5 .D5 1998

Dunklee, Dennis R.
The principal's quick-reference guide to school law
Corwin  2002
RR KF 4119.6 .D86 2002


Fullan, Michael
Leading in a culture of change
John Wiley  2001
LB 2806 .F794 2001


Glass, Thomas E.
The study of the American school superintendency 2000; a look at
Am Assn School Administrators  2000
LB 2831.72 .G54 2000


Hall, Charles A.
So you want to be a school administrator?
Iuniverse  2000


Hebert, Elizabeth A.
The power of portfolios; what children can teach us about
Jossey Bass  2001
LB 1029 .P67 H43 2001


Hemmeter, Mary Louise
Assessment of practices in early elementary classrooms (APEEC)
Teachers College  2001
CC LB 1513 .A78 2001


Hoy, Anita Woolfolk
Instructional leadership
Allyn & Bacon  2002
LB 2805 .H713 2003


Huba, Mary E.
Learner-centered assessment on college campuses; shifting the
Allyn & Bacon  2000
LB 2331 .H83 2000


Kleinert, Harold L.
Alternate assessment:  measuring outcomes and supports for
Paul H  2001
LC 4019 .K543 2001


Klenowski, Val
Developing portfolios for learning and assessment:  processes and
Taylor & Francis  2002


Kowalski, Theodore J.
Contemporary school administration
Allyn & Bacon  2002
LB 2805 .K635 2003


Mentkowski, Marcia
Learning that lasts:  integrating learning, development, and
Jossey-Bass  2000
LB 1060 .M464 2000


Nichols, James O.
A practitioner's handbook for institutional effectiveness and
Agathon  1996


Palomba, Catherine A.
Assessment essentials:  planning, implementing, and improving
Jossey-Bass  1999
LB 2366.2 .P35 1999


Picciano, Anthony G.
Educational leadership and planning for technology
Prentice Hall  2002
LB 1028.43 .P536 2002


Race, Phil
The lecturer's toolkit; a practical guide to learning, teaching,
Kogan Page  2001
LB 2393 .R33 2001


Rowling, John R.
Heading towards excellence; a toolkit for school improvement
Trentham  2002
LB 2831.666 .G7 R68 2002


Schlechty, Phillip C.
Working on the work:  an action plan for teachers, principals,
Jossey-Bass  2002
LB 2822.82 .S344 2002


Short, Paula M.
Leadership in empowered schools:  themes from innovative efforts
Merrill  2001
LB 2805 .S584 2002


Smith, Roger
Creating the effective primary school
Kogan Page  2002


Solomon, Pearl G.
The assessment bridge
Corwin  2002


Streshly, William A.
Avoiding legal hassles:  what school administrators need to know
Corwin  2002
LB 2805 .S814 2002


Thomas, R. Murray
Overcoming inertia in school reform:  how to successfully
Corwin Pr  2002
LB 2822.8 .T46 2002


Villani, Christine J.
Violence and non-violence in the schools; a manual for
Edwin Mellen  2001


Walvoord, Barbara E. Fassler
Effective grading
Jossey-Bass  1998
LB 2368 .W35 1998


Williams, James
Professional leadership in schools; effective middle management
Kogan Page  2002
LB 2900.5 .W55 2002


Wragg, E. C.
Assessment and learning in the secondary school
Routledge  2001

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