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Francis Hall was originally built as a self-sustaining seminary, so it has many facilities for those people who live there.  When it was vacated it had a dining hall, five classrooms, handball  and basketball courts, canteen, and laundry.  The population of Allegany took advantage of the new space as well and established a nursery school in the building under the direction of the university which ran from Tuesday to Friday.

The gymnasium is located in the basement of Francis Hall.  When built, it was touted as a state of the art gymnasium.  Nowadays, it is rundown, but it still offers an alternative court to Butler Gym or the Reilly Center court for pickup basketball games.
Over the years, Francis Hall has become more than just student residences.  The second, third and fourth floors house students, while the east wing houses the University Relations and Advancement offices, including Alumni Services.  Francis also provides a home for archival, periodical and monographic materials that no longer fit in Friedsam Memorial Library, and the publications' warehouse for the Franciscan Institute. In March of 1998 the New York State College Republican Committee Convention was held in Francis Hall.

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