The Kalvan Tour--Page 4

Fitra battlefield

Three views of the Fitra battlefield. 

First we look from just in front of the Hostigi lines on the east edge of Fitra (Elimsport) up the road toward Systros. The location is on a bridge over the small brook Kalvan mentions in his description. The rise in front and to the left is the one the Nostori cavalry road over to suddenly find themselves advancing in the face of unexpectedly heavy fire.  To the right, beyond the barn and line of trees, is the valley where Kalvan hid his cavalry for an attack on the flank and rear of the confused Nostori troops.

Below we see a reverse view of the first shot.  We're looking west towards the Hostigi abatis at the base of the hill.
This shot below covers at least 45 deg. scanning from E to SE.  It is a likely place for the Hostigi cavalry to have hidden.  Nostori troops would have advanced along a road just to the left of the picture.  This areas would be invisible to them as they moved towards Fitra.

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