The Kalvan Tour--Page 2


After discovering Vurth's Farm, battling the Nostori raiders, and "meeting" Rylla, Calvin finds himself in a bed in a castle, Tarr Hostigos.

Tarr Hostigos guards Hostigos Gap, in the right center of this picture.  The structure itself would be on the rise to the right, the east side, overlooking Hostigos Town (Bellefonte) in the valley below.  The gap is one of many mentioned in the book which cut through the Mountains of Hostigos (Bald Eagle Mountains).

One can see the Listra River Valley looking north through the gap.

Flowing through Hostigos Town and then through Hostigos Gap, is the little Darro.  This joins the Listra River not far beyond the north end of the gap.

This view is part way through the gap, looking south towards Hostigos Town.

On the road through Hostigos Gap.  This is about midway along the route looking towards the Listra Valley.  The Darro flows along the bottom of the left hand slope here.

Looking south from the Listra Valley back thought the gap.  Nittany Mountain's west end can just be seen in the gap. 

The Listra Valley was an important source of iron ore.  There are still sites where quarries bleed rust red from the concentration of iron in the soil and stone.


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