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Calvin's arrival

May 19, 1964.  Calvin Morrison and his partners park at this spot, on the east end of Nittany Mountain, in order to apprehend an escaped murderer.  Morrison and Larry Stacey go into the valley to the left of this photo and work their way toward the front of a farmhouse where the criminal is holed up.  Jack French and Steve Kovac move to the rear of the house farther down the valley behind the photographer's spot.

Morrison returns here to consider his situation after his encounter with the Paratime vessel.



Morrison and Stacey move through a, now overgrown, field across the stream to the right.  French and Kovacs have moved around behind the photographer's location, and will approach, moving down the hill, from the left.  You can just see the house through the trees on the left side of the picture.  Calvin waits in brush along the stream until the agreed upon time, then, as he's about to cross the stream, encounters the Paratime vessel that moves him from mid-state Pennsylvania to Hostigos


Here's Calvin Morrison's view through the brush towards the house, which can just be seen to the right of center.  The stream is just to the front of this location, winding from the left (west) side of the valley to the right.  This view is looking north, towards the Bald Eagle Mountains (Mountains of Hostigos).

In Piper's day, there was probably not nearly as thick an undergrowth.  None of the trees in the  "field" look more than 30 years old.

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