* The Flood of 1942*



The Members of the Olean using their boats to get around town

The flood of 1942 came into the houses and storefronts of many Allegany Residents

A Child making his way through the flooded streets


* The Flood Of 1972*



The side view of Hopkins Hall

Firemen pumping water out of Hopkins Hall

The back view of Hopkins Hall

Water being pumped out of Hopkins Hall

The water destruction of the Wellsvile-Jones Memorial Hospital

The garage of the Friary (now Doyle Hall) almost completely engulfed in water

A local store in Olean completely immersed in water


 Houses in Portville up to their roofs in water

Rushing Waters in Mount Morris


Residents boating through flooded Olean- imitating their neighbors of 1942

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Rachel Rodriguez- Made for History 419- Spring 2011

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