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Just a Bit about the Collector

Article from Schenectady, NY Gazette, July 15, 1952. Lewis Songer began his unusual collection as a schoolboy in 1948.  He started collecting newspapers until his mother suggested removing his bed and substituting a hammock in his bedroom. He realized then that space was a real consideration and switched his collecting efforts to just the newspapers' mastheads. 

Lewis Songer grew up in Scotia, NY.  Not surprisingly, his interests included journalism and he edited the high school paper and year book, as well as acting as the school correspondent for the local newspapers.  

An undergraduate degree in  Business Administration from the College of the Holy Cross, and Master's degrees from Boston College and Boston University in Economics and Urban Affairs, respectively, led to a career in city planning and public relations.  This culminated in his long-time tenure as Executive VP and CEO of the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce.  

He appears at least three times in the collection as Editor or Editor-in-chief.

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