Other People

The primary source for American Terrorist was Timothy McVeigh.  Nonetheless, many other people played roles in the drama around the bombing, especially afterwards.  The authors interviewed people involved in all aspects of the crime.  There were also people who simply reacted to the event without being directly involved in it.  They are represented here.

Material sent to McVeigh

Part of the interest in any public event is the reaction of the world to that event.  Even one as horrific as the Oklahoma City Bombing described in American Terrorist leads to people making contact with the main characters in the proceedings.  The authors included a number of letters and publications sent to McVeigh in prison in this collection.  These provide a view of the wide range of reaction to the event and to McVeigh. (B, G)  McVeigh included some items in correspondence with the authors which carry his annotations. (A)  There is also a birthday card made for McVeigh by some of the other inmates on Death Row in the Terre Haute, Indiana facility. (O)

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Ted Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski was in the same prison unit as Timothy McVeigh at the U. S. Penitentiary Administrative Maximum, otherwise known as the "Supermax".  The authors solicited his opinions about McVeigh and the bombing and received an eleven page letter in reply.  Kaczynski was sympathetic to some of McVeigh's views and found him a likeable person, but faulted his tactics.  A copy of his letter is in the collection. (A)

Parenthetical letters--(A)--included with descriptions of the collection indicate the folder where items are filed.

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