The Day the World Stood Still

The Day the World Stood Still     [typescript]
35 pages  21.5 x 28cm

Physical Description:

There are six chapters of text with a few corrections done in pencil.


There are only six chapters where he is comparing the 20's,30's40's, and 50's to what it was going to be like in the year 2000.  He never finished the book.

The Day The World Stood Still    [research notebook for unpublished book]
62 leaves   15 x 22cm

Physical Description:

Small three hole black notebook where some of the pages have typing on them but most are scrapbook style.  Parts of pages from other sources have been cut and pasted to the notebook pages.  Each page is numbered with blue ink in the upper right corner.  Some of the text is crossed out with pencil or blue ink and notations are done with the same.


This seems to be considerable research done for a new book.  This book was never published, however.

described by Rayola Appleby

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