The Jim Bishop Archives at St. Bonaventure University - Miscellaneous

This page lists material related to Bishop's columns, articles, unfinished projects, general correspondence.

Autumn file.  Includes carbon copies of twelve columns and articles written about "autumn."

Berlin: Island in a Red Sea file.  Six parts of a series written about Berlin. (Carbons)


  1. "The Days of Jim Bishop." Writer's Digest February 1981: 38-42.* (2008-002)

  2. "Golden Hack." Time 13 May 1957: 82+.*

  3. Letter to Jim Killgallen (4/2/1964) answering a list of questions about his life and career.

  4. Gately, Martin. "A Day Bishop Will Remember." The Jersey Journal (20 Nov. 1968): 1+.

  5. Maeder, Jay. "Jim Bishop, Reporter." Tropic (Miami Herald) (18 Dec. 1983): 10-14.* (2008-002)

  6. Reference note from Saint Patrick's Rectory describing Bishop as "ambitious young man", signed by George N. Murphy, asst. pastor, 2/3/1926. (2008-002)

  7. 2 election handout cards, James A Bishop for Freeholder on one, other office unidentified.

  8. Certificate of Election.  Coroner.  11/12/1946.  (2008-002)

  9. Harbor Master appointment.  State of New Jersey.  Bureau of Navigation.  4/25/1978.  (2008-002)

  10. 5 articles about John Bishop, his father.

The Birth of Jesus 1979.  Proposed article and letter (10/15/1979) from Parade editor Mary Alice Kellogg thanking him for writing an alternative.

Bronsten, Sam.   Letter Rev. Coleman F. Carroll, Archbishop regarding Sam Bronsten, film producer.  King of Kings.

Christmas Bike file.  Two carbon copies of "My Most Memorable Christmas".  Note on one: For Miami Herald and Jersey Journal, 1969.  On other, not used by Reader's Digest.

Correspondence-Miscellaneous file.  Includes letters to and about Bishop.

Caldwell, Taylor.  To Bishop.  Oct. 11, 1963.  Refers to reading the galley-proofs of The Honeymoon.  Bulk of the letter refers to a column Bishop wrote on ingratitude and her own experiences with it.

Cunningham, James F., C.S.P. to Mrs. Thomas Frederick.  Sept. 28, 1959.  Refers to an upcoming trip by Bishop.

Jones, Eleanor S. to Bishop.  Aug. 21, 1963.  Refers to a column on fires and describes her own experience.  

Levin, Meyer to Bishop.  Nov. 26, 1966.  Includes two pieces related to Levin's play about Anne Frank.  Requests Bishop's assistance in breaking a boycott of the play.

Rogers, Roy P. to Bishop.  Aug. 21, 1963.  "Fan letter" requesting column on late-in-life pregnancies.

Added 12/2008 (2008-002)

1.                  Note from Dave Barry to Kelly Bishop, Dec. 2, 1987.  Thanks for her note describing Bishop’s appreciation.

2.                  Letter from Bernard M. Baruch, April 20, 1959.  Signed.  Thanks for column about his father.

3.                  Letter from Bernard M. Baruch, Sept. 29, 1960.  Signed.  Describes his new book, Baruch, The Public Years.

4.                  Note from Bernard M. Baruch, Jan. 1, 1961.  Signed.

5.                  Letter from Bernard M. Baruch, Nov. 29, 1962.  Signed.  Refers to article about his father and O. Henry.

6.                  Letter from Bernard M. Baruch, Jr., Oct. 16, 1981.  Thanks for column re: Simon Baruch.

7.                  Letter from Jim Bishop ( Houston Post), n. d.  Signed. 

8.                  Note from Mary Boland, Sept. 9, 1959.  Signed.  Congratulations for Banshees?

10.              Letter from Frankie Carle, April 15, 1957.  Signed.  Thanks Bishop for two articles.

11.              Letter from Frankie Carle, May 21, 1957.  Signed.  Appreciation of Bishop’s writing and notes his tour schedule.

12.              Letter from Roy M. Cohn, October 6, 1958.  Signed “ Roy ”.  Re: Banshees award?

13.              Note from Bob Considine, May 17, 1957.  Thanks for mention on Mike Wallace’s show.

14.              Note from Bob Considine, April 26, 1967.  Signed “BC”.  Thanks.

15.              Note from Bob Considine, April 26, 1975.  Signed “BC”.  Thanks for column.

16.              Note from Angie Dickinson, Post. May 10, 1973.  Signed.  Begs off from Kennedy follow-up article.

17.              Letter from Thomas J. Dodd, Nov. 10, 1958.  Signed.  Banshees award.

18.              Note from Thomas J. Dodd, June 6, 1966.  Signed “Tom”.  Thanks for column.

19.              Letter from Eddie Dowling, Oct. 7, 1956.  Signed “Eddie”.   Refers to Gleason book.

20.              Letter from Morton Downey, undated.  Signed “Mort Downey ”.  Banshee award.

21.              Note from Jimmy Durante, undated. Signed.  On Fred Williams print of Durante at piano.

22.              Letter from Jimmy Durante, Oct. 13, 1958.  Signed.  Banshees award.

23.              Note from Dwight Eisenhower, 10/25/1958.  Signed.  Thanks for Go With God.

24.              Letter from George Feyer, Nov. 7, 1971.  Signed “George”.  Thanks for column.

25.              Letter from John Gary, July 14, 1965.  Signed “Lois and John.”  Thanks for column.

26.              Letter from Gladys Glad.  October 18, 1965.  Signed “Glad”

27.              Letter from Kathryn Morton Godfrey, n. d. Signed.  Thanking for column about daughter’s book.

28.              Letter from Rube Goldberg, Oct. 7, 1958.  Signed.  Banshees.

29.              Letter from Barry Goldwater, June 21, 1961.  Signed “Barry”.  Accepts offer to do column, congrats on marriage.

30.              Note from Billy Graham, Aug. 10, 1959.  Signed “Billy”. Thanks for column.

31.              Poem from Gene Griener, Dec. 25, 1970. 

32.              Letter from Arthur Hale, Jan. 25, 1964.  Discusses origins of atomic bomb.

33.              Letter from W. R. Hearst, Jr., Jan. 24, 1985.  Signed “Bill.”  Thanks for note regarding Hearst depression.  Refers to Patty Hearst, Curley and Joe Willicomb.

34.              Note from Harry Hershfield, Oct. 30, 1958.  Banshee award.

35.              Letter from Charlton Heston, March 17, 1965.  Signed “Chuck.”  Thanks for signed copy of The Day Lincoln Was Shot.

36.              Note from Herbert Hoover, April 16, 1963.  Signed.  Thanks for article.

37.              Note from Herbert Hoover, Feb. 19, 1964.  Signed.  Thanks for book.

38.              Note from Bob Hope, June 18, 1976.   Signed by secretary?  Thanks for “The Birth of the United States .”

39.              Letter from Richard J. Hughes, Gov. of NJ, March 18, 1963.  Signed.  Re: article about Frank Hague.

40.              Henry M. Jackson, July 26, 1960.  Signed “Henry”.  Thanks for article.

41.              Note from Lyndon B. Johnson, Feb. 2, 1968.  Signed.  Thanks for support.

42.              Note from Lyndon B. Johnson, Aug. 4, 1971.  Signed “LBJ”.  Re: upcoming visit to interview.

43.              Note from Lynda Bird Johnson, July 18, 1966.   Signed.  Thanks for copy of A Honeymoon Diary.

44.              Note from Lynda Bird Johnson, May 22, 1967.  Thanks for copy of A Day in the Life of President Johnson.

45.              Note from Joan Kennedy, May 4, 1964.  Signed.  Requests he sign two copies of A Day in the Life of President Kennedy.

46.              Letter from Alf M. Landon, Jan. 26, 1971.  Signed.  Anecdote regarding a gambler and church.

47.              Letter from Herbert H. Lehman, April 11, 1958.  Signed.  Appreciation for article re: Mr. Hertzberger.

48.              Note from Joe E. Lewis, undated.  Signed.  Banshees award.

49.              Note from Henry Cabot Lodge, Oct. 3, 1958.  Signed.  Banshees award.

50.              Letter from John W. McCormack, Dec. 13, 1971.  Signed “John”.  Refers to Pearl Harbor column.

51.              Note from John W. McCormack, Sept. 9, 1972?.  Signed “John”. 

52.              Note from John W. McCormack, March 9, 1976.  Signed “John”.  Thanks for sending copy of The Birth of the United States .

53.              Note form John W. McCormack, Dec. 2, 1976.  Signed “John”.  Includes copy of letter to President Carter suggesting working with Bishop on book.

54.              Note from John W. McCormack, n. d. Signed “John”.  Forwarding letter from President Carter.

55.              Note from John W. McCormack, May 24, 1978.   Signed “John”.  Memorial Day column.

56.              Letter from Robert B. Meyner, Gov. of NJ, Aug. 28, 1957.  Signed.  Thanks for campaign suggestions.

57.              Letter from Thomas Mitchell.  July 12, 1961.  Signed “Tommy Mitchell”.

58.              Note from Kim Novak, undated. Signed “Kim”.  Thanks for article.

59.              Note from Lucy Johnson Nugent, June 3, 1967.  Thanks for A Day in the Life of President Johnson and for his appearance on the Johnny Carson show.

60.              Note from Jack Paar, June 19, 1961.  Signed “Jack”.  Congratulations on wedding.

61.              Letter from Drew Pearson, Dec. 8, 1966.  Signed.  Refers to IPA.

62.              Note from Carl Sandburg, Sept. 28, 1940.  Signed.  Thanks for letter.

63.              Note from F. Cardinal Spellman.  Jan. 26, 1957.  Signed.  Congratulations.

64.              Letter from Pat Stacy, May 10, 1983.  Signed “Pat”.  Refers to John Wayne article.

65.              Drawing from Kenneth Stuart, art editor, Saturday Evening Post, Oct. 8, 1958. Re: Banshee award?

66.              Letter from Pat O’Brien, n. d.  Signed “Pat”. Thank you for copy of Lincoln book.

67.              Letter from Karl Menninger, M. D., January 17, 1964.  References column.  Signed.

68.              Letter (3 pages) from Winzola McLendon, n. d.  Reminiscence of day JFK was shot.  Signed “Winnie”.

69.              Letter from David F. Powers, December 13, 1963.  Responding to letter of condolence from Bishops re: JFK.  Signed “Dave”.

70.              Letter from Leo Rosten, Nov. 15, 1972.  Signed “Leo.”  Thanks for column and requests reaction to new book.

71.              Letter from Harry Ruby, April 26, 1964.  Signed. 

72.              Letter from Carl Sandburg, March 21, 1959.  Signed.  Requests copies of “A Message from Muggsy.” 

73.              Letter from Carl Sandburg, Sept. 20, 1960.  Signed.  Reading the Day Christ Died, discusses movie deals.

74.              Letter from Toots Shor, Nov. 25, ?.  Signed “Toots”. 

75.              Note from Louis Sobol, May 16, 1957.  Signed “Louis”.  Refers to appearance on Mike Wallace show.

76.              Letter from Louis Sobol, Dec. 6, 1967.  Signed “Louis.”  Requests foreword for “The Longest Street”.

77.              Note from Louis Sobol, June 20, 1968.  Signed “Louis”.  Thanks for foreword to his book.

78.              Letter from Arthur Tracy, Oct. 5, 1960.  Signed.  Request meeting re: autobiography.

79.              Letter from Edward A. Vandeventer, 4/14/1965.  Thanks for Lincoln book. Signed.

80.              Note from W. Marvin Watson, Special Assistant to President Johnson, 6/23/66 to Bishops.  Accompanying flight certificates (for Air Force One?).  Signed.

81.              Letter from Bert Wheeler, March 1, 1967.  Thanks for column.  Signed.

82.              Note from Walter Winchell, July 25, 1968.  Thanks for column.  Signed “Walter”.

83.              Letter from Walter Winchell, July 21, 1967.  References column.  Signed “Walter”.

84.              Letter from Jane Wyatt, undated.  Honeymoon Diary.  Signed

85.       Letter from Walter O'Keefe, Oct. 30, 1969.  Thanks for column. Signed "Walter". 

86.        Photocopies of letters from Jack Benny (Banshees award), James Cagney (signed by secretary?, Custer project), Maurice Chevalier (article), Mark W. Clark (Banshees award), John Connally (Day in the Life of President Kennedy), John Connally (column), Walt Disney (Banshees award), Mike Douglas, Mort Downey (Banshee award), Jimmy Durante (Banshees award), Dwight Eisenhower (Day Lincoln Was Shot), Gerald Ford (Thank you for book), Ford Frick (Banshee award), Grace de Monaco (Kennedy follow-up article), Harry Hershfield (Banshees award), J. Edgar Hoover (Banshees award), Oscar L. Huber (Day Kennedy Was Shot), Hubert H. Humphrey (Carter book), Lyndon B. Johnson (Thank you after illness), Edward M. Kennedy (Day in the Life of President Kennedy), Ann Landers (column), Joe E. Lewis (Banshees award), Loretta Young Lewis (wife’s death), John W. McCormack (2) (column), Richard Nixon (Banshees award), Richard Nixon (release of Nixon’s book Six Crises), Kim Novak? (article), Richard W. O’Neill and 14 others (Banshees award), Jack Paar (congratulations on wedding), Norman Vincent Peale (Day Christ Died), Dean Rusk (Day in the Life of President Kennedy), Carl Sandburg (Biblical film, Lincoln), Margaret Chase Smith (column re: Kelly), Gene Tunney (Banshees award), Raoul Walsh (Day Christ Died), Fred Waring (Banshees award).

Crucifixion/God file.  Carbon copies of "The Story of the Crucifixion"--noted, "Not used by Readers' Digest."  "God, the Conversation Piece"--for Marist Missions

Custer file.  Material related to an unfinished George Armstrong Custer project.

  1. "King Must Die". New York Journal-American ? 1958.  Notes Bishop's conversation with Gary Cooper about Custer. Two pieces from James Cagney.
  2. Telegram from Mack Millar to Bishop.  Feb. 26, 1960.  Notes Alan and Sue Ladd interested in Custer project.
  3. Draft of letter to Allan Ladd from Bishop.  March 7, 1960.  Proposes Ladd as Custer in film, provides historical background.
  4. Letter from Ned Brown, MCA, to Bishop.  March 17, 1960.  Discusses proposal to Ladd's and project.
  5. Letter to Ned Brown from Bishop.  March 18, 1960.  Discusses enclosure (missing) from Ladd and project.
  6. Letter to Bishop from Gordon Corbett, Jr., Bergen Evening Record.  April 4, 1960.  Offers use of collection for research on the Custer project.
  7. Letter from Ned Brown to Bishop.  April 20, 1960.  Discusses Custer project and contacting studios.  Also mentions interest in "Time of the Traitors", Bishop's Rosenberg project and interest by Stanley Kramer.  Attached rewrite of Bishop's letter to Ladd (3/7/1960) for transmission to studios.
  8. Letter from James Cagney to Bishop.  June 16, 1960.  Accompanied piece on Custer.  Signed "Jim".
  9. Letter from Richard A. Russell to Bishop.  June 22, 1960.  Suggests using Thomas Hart Benson's "Custer's Last Stand" for Custer book.
  10. Letter to James Cagney from Bishop.  July 18, 1960.  Thanks him for loan of "The Battle of the Little Big Horn."  Offers to share his own collection in return.
  11. Letter from James Cagney, March 22, 1965.  Signed “Jim”. Re: Custer project.

Dad to FLA.--Bahamas--ILL file:  Seven articles dealing with Bishop's father. (carbon)

The Day Christ Was Born file:  "Jim Bishop: Reporter" column #2760. (Carbon)

The Day President Reagan Was Shot file:  Article noted "for Jack Anderson." 1981. (12 carbon pages)

Dynamite in Dixie file.  Seven (of eight) articles written for the New York Journal-American.  1956.

Einstein file.  Letter from George D. Green, Breeze Corp., to Bishop.  Aug. 23, 1976.  Cover for copy of letter from Albert Einstein to Franklin D. Roosevelt, Aug. 2, 1939, discussing uranium's potential as an energy source and potential weapon.  Copy of letter attached.  See also:  Rosenberg file.

Election of a Pope, 1979 file.  Four articles for Hearst Special News Service, Oct. 10-13;  "Now and Then" #47;  "Jim Bishop-Reporter.  A Little Papal Mistake Was Made." Oct. 1978.

Florida file.  Four carbon copies of an article entitled "Just Between Us Floridians."  Noted "for Geo. Beebe."

Golf file.  Three carbon copies of "Golf Spelled Backwards Is Flog" for Golf Magazine.  Condensation of "The Happy Hacker".  Typescript, with two carbons, of presentation for a one hour television special "Jim Bishop's Golf."

The Haters.  Five pieces on "The Haters", racist, anti-semitic groups.  Revolves around bombing of Jewish synagogue in Atlanta, Ga.

Kennedy materials:
"Kennedy" file.  Contains a variety of correspondence relating to Bishop's relationship with the Kennedy family, including material for A Day in the Life of President Kennedy and The Day Kennedy Was Shot.  The file also contains correspondence relating to the publication of those books.

  1. Letter from Evelyn Lincoln to Bishop.  Nov. 6, 1963.  Thanks him for sending The Day Christ Died and The Day Lincoln Was Shot to President Kennedy.

  2. Letter from David F. Powers to Kelly and Jim Bishop.  Dec. 13, 1963.  Thanks them for their condolences. (copy)

  3. Printed card from Jacqueline Kennedy to Bishop.  Postdate Dec. 17, 1963.  Acknowledging condolences.

  4. Letter from Nancy Tuckerman to Bishop.  Feb. 26, 1964.  Thanking him for sending book inscribed to Caroline [Kennedy].

  5. Letter from Bishop to Edward Kennedy.  May 27, 1964.  Enquires about family films for TV documentary.  (copy)

  6. Letter from Jacqueline Kennedy to Bishop.  June 2, 1964.  Thanking him for article about presidential library.  (copy)

  7. Letter from Joan Kennedy to Bishop.  June 8, 1964.  Thanking him for copy of Day in the Life of President Kennedy.

  8. Letter from Helen Ganss to Kelly Bishop.  Sept. 15, 1964.  Forwarding address of Evelyn Lincoln.

  9. Letter to Arthur Silvester, Deputy Secy. of Defense, from Bishop.  Feb. 24, 1965.  Requests permission to interview doctors.  (carbon)

  10. Letter to James Rowley, Chief of Secret Service, from Bishop.  Feb. 24, 1965.  Invitation to dinner and requests assistance with Kennedy assassination book.  (carbon)

  11. Letter from Arthur Sylvester, Asst. Sect. of Defense, to Bishop.  Feb. 27, 1965. Sets up appointment to discuss book.

  12. Letter to Malcolm Kilduff, Asst. Press Secretary, from Bishop.  March 19, 1965.  Discusses The Day Kennedy Was Shot and access to material. (copy of 1st page).
  13. Letter to Bishop from C. Edward Holland, Boston Record American.  April 1, 1965.  Provides contact information for Kenny O'Donnell.  
  14. Letter to Bishop from Philip J. Mullin, JFK Center for the Performing Arts.  Nov. 10, 1966.  Responds to request for viewing a copy of film, John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums.
  15. Letter from John Corry, NYT, to Bishop.  June 15, 1967.  Accompanied enclosure relating to his own book/
  16. Letter from Brad Lear, Dallas Chamber of Commerce, to Bishop.  Nov. 29, 1967.  Responding to request for aerial photograph.
  17. Letter from Emily J. Sheppard, This Week, to Kelly Bishop.  Feb. 20, 1968.  Response to request to use article.
  18. Letter from Trilby Cox, Curtis Publishing, to "Reader".  Feb. 23, 1968.  Responding to request for article.
  19. Letter from James F. Fixx, McCall's, to Kelly Bishop.  Feb. 26, 1968.  Responding to letter about article.
  20. Letter from Elizabeth Barad, Random House, to Kelly Bishop.  Feb. 26, 1968.  Responding to request for copyright information.
  21. Letter from James J. Storrow, Jr., The Nation, to Kelly Bishop. Feb. 29, 1968.  Responding to request about article.
  22. Letter from Emily J. Sheppard, This Week, to Kelly Bishop.  March 21, 1968.  Responding to article request.
  23. Letter from Rosemary Lowther, Life, to Kelly Bishop.  undated [1968].  Responding to request for article citation.
  24. Letter from James B. Rhoads, GSA, to Bishop.  April 17, 1968.  Responding to request for visit.
  25. Letter from Oscar L. Huber, Holy Trinity Church, to Bishop.  June 1, 1968.  Gives permission to use his article in book.  Denies stating, "he's dead", as reported by Manchester. (copy)
  26. Letter from Phyllis Jackson, AFA, to Bishop.  June 5, 1968.  References serial sale to Ladies Home Journal and possible TV deal for Kennedy assassination book.
  27. Letter to Kent G. Smith, Readers Digest, from Bishop.  Sept. 7, 1969.  Discusses permission to use photographer's picture.
  28. Letter from "Ted", Edward Kennedy to Bishop.  March 27, 1974.  Congratulates Bishop on the 1974 John F. Kennedy Memorial Award.
  29. Letter from Roberta Pryor, ICM, to Bishop. March 8, 1984.  Relates transfer of rights due to sale of publishing company. 

"Kennedy Book Burners" file:  Includes correspondence and carbon copies of articles relating to Bishop's experiences with the Kennedy family relating to the publication of The Day Kennedy Was Shot.

  1. Letter from Jacqueline Kennedy to Bishop.  Sept. 17, 1964.  Asks him to refrain from doing the book.  (copy)

  2. Letter from Bishop to Jacqueline Kennedy.  Sept. 28, 1964.  Discusses her request to not do the book.  (draft)

  3. Letter from Bishop to Jacqueline Kennedy.  April 4, 1966.  Encloses copy of letter to Bob Loomis discussing Manchester and Bishop's books. (copy)  

  4. Letter to Robert  Loomis, Random House, from Bishop.  April 4, 1966. Discusses writing Kennedy assassination book, and other Kennedy books.

  5. Correspondence with Harper Brothers regarding the Kennedy books.  Includes discussion of the Kennedy objections, the Manchester book and other publishing issues.  Correspondents:  Evan Thomas, Genevieve Young.  8 items.

  6. Press release.  "Backstairs", by Merriman Smith, May 23, [1967].  Discusses Kennedy books and articles and mentions Bishop's encountering obstruction from the Kennedy family.

  7. Note from "Tommy" E. B. Thompson to Bishop.  undated.  Returning copy of "The Kennedy Book Burners".

  8. "The Kennedy Book Burners".  Two carbon copies of the 4 part article.  

  9. "The Kennedys and Me."  Three carbon copies of the article.  Two noted for This Week Magazine.  "Not used." handwritten on final copy.

Kennedy-"Nov. 23, 1963...the End of Camelot."  Copies of letters to Bishop related to the Look article.  These letters relate the authors' recollections of where they were at the time JFK was shot, or decline to supply those memories.  File includes letters from Janet Lee Auchincloss, Angie Dickinson, Winzola McLendon, Grace de Monaco, Richard Nixon, Kenneth P. O'Donnell, Earl Warren.  Includes "Table of Contents" for Reflections on JFK's Assassination.

John "Jocko" McCormack.  Carbon copy of "Jocko" article.  Notes "for Gulfstream Mag."

Miscellaneous file.  Includes a variety of columns and other articles.  All are carbon copies unless noted otherwise.

  1. "Arigato Gozaimasu, Jonesy-San."  noted "For Sam Boal".  Exploring Tokyo.  11 pages.

  2. "For The Christian Herald".  Roland Hearst.  4 pages.

  3. "Fish and Chips." 14 pages.  New boat and trip to Bahamas

  4. "Herbert Hoover at 85." 12 pages.

  5. "Jim Bishop: Reporter" Ten columns.  Topics:  Real estate, atheism, political clubs, Art Carney, Ted Husing, Elizabeth Barrett Browning prayer, mother-in-law, professional wrestler, night out with daughter Gayle, John Harris (only page 1).

  6. "Little Miss Nobody."  4 pages.  Orphans, Catholic Charities.

  7. "My Journey to Faith."  printed. 

  8. "The Philosopher and the Schoolgirl"  Reader's Digest Oct. 1969.  Final Proof.  Also carbon entitled, "The Philospher and the Hoyden."  Will and Ariel Durant.

  9. "This is the last thing he wrote."  note added by Kelly Bishop to a "P.S." for a missing letter.  Relates Kelly's cleaning up his office.  

Msg. McWilliams file.  Typescript and four carbons of article about Monsignor LeRoy McWilliams, the subject of Parish Priest

Nativity file.  Carbon copy of 26 page article "The Nativity of Jesus."  Letter from Paul Nadan, Hawthorn Books, to Bishop.  April 6, 1960.  Returning original of the article.

Nancy Nickerson file.  Copy of article "Life Had Been Good: She Gave Her Heart", Miami Herald, May 18, 1969.  Nickerson was an early heart transplant donor.  Letter from Nick Nickerson, her husband, thanking Bishop for the article (May 18, 1969).  Telegram from Hobe Lewis (May 29, 1969) indicating that he would publish the article. (2008-002)

Poems--To Kelly Bishop (2008-002)

Rosenberg project file.  Copy of letter from Albert Einstein to Judge Irving Kaufmann asking that the death sentence for the Rosenberg's be commuted.  Dec. 23, 1952.  Bishop did much of the research for a book on the Rosenbergs, but dropped the project when he felt that he had nothing new to say.  Another Einstein letter is in the "Einstein file".

See also: Letter from Ned Brown to Bishop.  April 20, 1960. in "Custer file."

Saturday Morning file.  Typescript of article on automobile accident and drowning.  Letter from Hobart Lewis, Readers Digest,  June 18, 1970, rejecting the piece and enclosing an article of a similar bent published recently.  A second version included: "A Quiet Day in Town."  noted "For The Christian Herald."

Seabright Organist-Drunken Driving file.  Sixteen page article about "The Day of the Knight".

Seed on the Wind file.  Carbon copies of two articles, "Seed on the Wind", a drug rehabilitation facility and a second about one woman associated with it.  First is noted "For The Readers Digest", second #2422.

Spain to Italy file.  Twenty-one articles chronicling travels from Spain through the Mediterranean to London. (carbons)

Spring file.    Two articles about season.

Summer file.  Carbon copies of five columns and two other articles about summer.  One article labeled "Rough Draft", the other "For Readers Digest, Harry Harper.

Thanks...for what? file.  Three carbons of this article for Woman's Day, Nov. 1958.

Variety, Specials for, file.  Nine carbon copies of articles for Variety.  Includes two letters to Bishop from Abel Green, editor, relating to items published. (Nov. 4, 1960; June 2, 1961)  Draft of letter to Abel Green from Bishop. Undated.  Asks to have a notice indicating that Harper is still his main publisher included in next issue.  Copy of letter from Wilson Griffith, WCKT, to Charles R. Jacobson, regarding production of a Variety Hospital show.

War of the Tabloids file.  Copy of edited typescript for "War of the Tabloids."  38 pages.  Noted "for Playboy".

Wayne, John, file.    Carbon of "Riding into the Sunset", a short piece about Wayne.

Winter file.  Carbons of eight articles dealing with winter.

Wrigley, Philip, file.  Typescript and carbon of a "Most Unforgettable Character" piece for Readers Digest. Dated 9/22/77.

Scrapbooks:  11 large format scrapbooks covering much of Bishop's working life from 1955-1979.  The scrapbooks include copies of Bishop's shorter writing, excluding "Jim Bishop: Reporter" columns, reviews of his work and pieces written about him.  A smaller scrapbook covers 1929-1930, a second covers much of 1932.  There is also a scrapbook devoted to Jim Bishop Day, Nov. 18, 1964 at the Diplomat Country Club, Hallandale, Fla. (2008-002)

Unless otherwise noted, these materials were donated in 2007 by Mrs. Kelly Bishop (2007-002); 2008 items noted by : 2008-002.

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