Memorabilia - Jim Bishop

List of Memorabilia Received from Jim Bishop, July 22, 1980.  Other material added 2007 (2007-002) and 2008 (2008-002)

  1. Heart Shape Plaque - LaSalle Collegian Public Service in Journalism Award.  Conferred upon Jim Bishop.  Academic Year 1955-1956.  13"h x 10"w.  

  2. Benjamin Franklin Magazine Award for the best article depicting a person, living or dead,...1956.  ("The Life Story of Jackie Gleason" Look). (2008-002)

  3. Framed (glass) Award.  The Secondary Education Board Annual Book Award.  Presented to James Bishop, March 2, 1955 for "The Day Lincoln Was Shot".  Published by Harper & Brothers.  Signed by Ester Millett, Chairman, Senior Booklist Committee and John Sqummere, Chairman, Secondary Education Board.  8 3/4"h x 10 3/4"w.  

  4. Catholic Institute for the Arts Award for 1956.  5/5/1957.  (2008-002)

  5. Album of Testimonial Letters for the Banshee Award 'The Lady', Nov. 13, 1958.  Award for the Outstanding Reporter and Columnist.  File includes several hundred letters. (2007-002, 2008-002)

  6. Plaque - Catholic War Veterans.  State Commander's Award for Home to James (Jim) Bishop, Author, Journalist. In recognition of his contributing greatly to the strengthening of the moral fibre of our national home life, as author, journalist, and prolific writer, using the power of his pen to promote the love of God among men.  Seal of the organization, and the signatures on the 13th day of June, 1959.  Signed A.A. Carney, State Chaplain & Albert J. Schwind, State Commander.  14"h x 10 3/4"w.  

  7. Plaque - Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Award 1959.  Dept. of New York Catholic War Veterans of the United States of America to Jim Bishop.  9"h x 7"w.  

  8. Diploma type Jacket Award - Dept. of NY Catholic War Veterans of the U.S.A..  Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Award presented to Jim Bishop for his valuable contribution to our better understanding of human nature; his refreshing humility and infectious sense of humor; his commanding moral courage & complete conscientiousness in reporting facts, his spirit and regard for the truth, his role as protagonist and protector of our precious heritage as Americans and Catholics.  December 1959.  Signed Ray Bouleris, Adjutant & Augustus J. Poleto, Commander. 15 1/2"h x 13 3/4"w.

  9. Framed (glass) Award.  New Jersey Association of Teachers of English Confers its Author Award to Jim Bishop for "The Day Christ Was Born" in the Category of Religious Books.  November 9, 1961.  Signed, Herman A. Estriu (Chairman, Author Award Committee). 8 3/4"h x 10 3/4"w.  

  10. Plaque - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at New York 1961-1962 Awards.  This is to certify that "The Eichmann Trial" WABC-TV was narrated by Jim Bishop. Signed by Betty Furness, President. 11"h x 9"w.  

  11. Doctor of Humane Letters.  Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, N.C. 5/21/1968.  (2008-002)

  12. Framed (glass) Citation.  The International Association of Lions Clubs Presents this Citation of Appreciation.  Lions International acknowledges, with grateful appreciation, the outstanding contribution made by Jim Bishop.  Presented on behalf of the more than 750,000 Lions in over 132 countries of the free world. Signed Claude M. DeVorn, International President. 14"h x 10 1/2"w.  

  13. President's Medal, University of Detroit, 4/21/1978.  Program.  (2008-002)

  14. Plaque - The American Region Dept. of New York Americanism Award presented to Jim Bishop.  In recognition of his October 19, 1976 article in the Buffalo Courier Express, in which he speaks out to the American Public about the negative honors of War, and the PATRIOTISM our young men must endure.  Presented this 13th day of July 1978 at Syracuse, N.Y.  Signed by John P. Tipping, Dept. Commander.  15"h x 12"w.

  15. Diploma type jacket - The President, Trustees and Faculty of Jersey City State College send Greetings and Congratulations to James Alonzo Bishop on the Occasion of 'Jim Bishop Day' in Jersey City and extend cordial wishes for continued distinguished achievement.  Given at Jersey City, N.J. this Flag Day, June 14, 1978.  Signed William J. Maxwell, President.  11 3/4"h x 9"w.

  16. Two (should be three) Freedom at Valley Forge Foundation Awards with three bases and three flags but only two Plaques.  These are bronze plaques honoring Jim Bishop 1976 & 1978. 4"h x 3 3/4"w (plaques); 3"h x 5 1/4"w (bases); 4"h x 6"w (flags).  

  17. Plaque - Jim Bishop Patriot Award 1978-1979 from:
    Broward County Chapter, Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  7"h x 5"w.

  18. Veterans of Foreign Wars, New Media Award, Gold Medal and Citation, 8/18/1980.  (2008-002)

  19. Austintown Township.  Proclamation. 28 Sept. 1981.  Jim Bishop Day. (2008-002)

  20. Velveteen top hat belonged to Ambrose Bierce. (black). Documented.  6 1/2"h x 9 1/2"w. (1980.1)

    20.1 Bierce, Ambrose. Ghost and Horror Stories of Ambrose Bierce. New York: Dover, 1964. (2016.1.99)

    20.2 Bierce, Ambrose. Ambrose Bierce's Civil War. New York: Wing Books, 1996. (2016.1.102)

  21. Newspapers and magazines: (2008-002)

a.       Collier’s, 10/27/1945, Bishop listed in masthead. Good.
b.       The Ladies’ Home Journal, July 1906.  Good.
c.        McCall’s, August 1926.  Fair.
d.       The Saturday Evening Post, 7/26/1941.  Good.
e.       The Saturday Evening Post, 9/16/1944.  Fair.
f.         The Saturday Evening Post, 12/23/1944.  Good.
g.        The Saturday Evening Post, 7/7/1945.  Fair.
h.      Harper’s Weekly, 4/29/1865.  Poor.
i.         Harper’s Weekly, 5/6/1865.  Poor.
j.     The Ledger Monthly, 11/1899.  Good.
k.       The Chicago Daily Tribune, 11/11/1918.  Front Page.  Good.
l.      Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 7/7-8/1941.  Several pages 1 & 2. Souvenir edition?  Good.
m.      The Miami Herald, 7/21/1969.  Front page. First man on moon. Fair.

  1. 500 million Reichmark note. 1924.  (2008-002)

  2. Newswire report (4/17/1942) "Tokyo Radio announced tonight that "enemy bombers" attacked Tokyo" (2008-002)

  3. New York World's Fair, 1964-1965 Corporation.  Jim Bishop. Working Press.  Press badge.  4 1/8" x 2 1/2"w.

  4. Photograph of King Simeon of Bulgaria, his wife and two children.  July 1965, Madrid.  9 1/2" x 6"w on autographed card backing 13 1/2" x 9 1/2"w.  Inscribed: To Mr. & Mrs. James Bishop, gratefully! <signed> (2007-002)

  5. Photograph of Hubert Humphrey and Lyndon Johnson.  Undated.  8" x 12". (2007-002)

  6. Photograph of Harry Truman.  8" x 10", 13 1/2" x 11"w mount.  Inscribed:  With kindest regard to Jim Bishop who has made great contributions to the history of the world.  Harry Truman.  Nov. 5, 1959. (2007-002)

  7. Photographs added 2008 (2008-002)
    10” x 8” b & w of Bishop with Muhammad Ali at WGBS.  Undated.
    b.      8” x 8” b & w of Florida taken from Tiros, the first photographic satellite, 4/7/1960.  Inscribed “To Jim Bishop from “TIROS” and Herb Butler , USASRDL 7 April 1960”.  Butler was the designer of the satellite.
    c.       8” x 10” b & w photograph of Dwight Eisenhower.  Signed on mat.  Faded.
    d.      8” x 10” b & w photograph of Dwight Eisenhower.  Imprinted “For Jim Bishop with best wishes and warm regard,” signed. 4/12/1956.
    e.       10” x 8” b & w of Bishop with Generalissimo Francisco Franco and Minister of Foreign Affairs.  1965.
    f.        10” x 8” b & w of Bishop with Jackie Gleason.  Undated.
    g.       8” x 10” b & w of Bishop with Emil Herman (?).  Undated.
    h.       Inscribed photograph of Herbert Hoover.  Undated. Faded.
    i.         14” x 11” b & w photo of Kelly and Jim Bishop with Bob Hope.
    j.    10 ½” x 13” b & w photo of Bishop and Jayne Mansfield.  Inscribed, “To Jimmy, My first true male friend-All friend though all male!  You’re really wonderful!  Jayne”
    k.    8” x 10” b & w photograph of Bishop with Kim Novak, 3/57.
    l.    11” x 14” b & w photograph of Bishop with Jack Paar. Taken by Emil Herman.  1957.
    m.    2 copies 11” x 14” b & w of Bishop and daughter Gayle at audience with Pope Pius XII.    
    n.    7” x 10” color photograph printed on board of Cardinal Spellman.  Inscribed to Bishop.  9/58.
    o.    2 10” x 8” b & w photos, 5/3/1962, of Hellinger Award dinner.  Pictured: Bill Gallo, Charlie Berns, Fr. Brian Lhota, Gladys (Glad) Hellinger, Nick Glad, John Charles Daly, Gene Tunney, Tom Saxe, Mrs. John Charles Daly, Ed Padilla, Ed Mahar, Brad Kelly and Douglas Edwards
    p.    4 undated photos.  Probably other Hellinger Award events.
    q.    7” x 5” b & w.  Bishop with  newsman Tom O’Keefe and fellow newsboys, including Joe Bera, Walter Kelleher and Bill Meurer.  Ca. 1926.
    r.    11” x 14” b & w photograph of J. Bishop using navigational equipment.
    s.    11” x 14” b & w of Bishop at wheel of large vessel
    t.    3” x 4 ½” of James and Mary Bishop, his grandparents.  1883.
    u.    11” x 14” b & w photograph of two children, perhaps Bishop & sibling.
    v.    2 3 ½” x 3 ½” color photos of John Bishop, his father.  6/1/67 for one, other undated with unknown woman.
    w.    10” x 8” b & w of Jim and Kelly Bishop with artist outside their home viewing painting of that house commissioned by Jimmy Durante. 1969.
    x.    11” x 14” color of Jim and Kelly Bishop. 1/1970.

  8. The Front Page, 1st ed., 4th printing.  Signed by the authors and members of the press between ca. 1928 and ca. 1931.  Includes signatures by Mark Hellinger, Walter Winchell and Lee Tracy, who played a character in the play. (2007-002)

  9. Theater program.  Broad Street Theatre.  Week of May 20, 1929.  The Front Page. (2007-002)

  10. Gold Medal Books flyer.  (2008-002)

  11. Temple Menorah, 16th Anniversary.  Bishop listed as guest speaker. (2008-002)

  12. John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, 1st Annual Dinner and Banquet.  Bishop participated as an entertainer.  3/22/1964. (2008-002)

  13. Florida Authors Night.  Miami Public Library.  10 Dec. 1964. (2008-002)

  14. 1965 Beefsteak Dinner, Fontainebleau Hotel.  Jim Bishop presenter of Special Best-Dressed Presentation.  Page from dinner program.  (2008-002)

  15. Flight Certificate, Presidential Helicopter, 1 June 1966.  (2008-002)

  16. Portraits: (2008-002)
    a: Color chalk by Paul Frehm, 1971. 
    b. Pencil by Lou Hanlon, 1931.
    d. Pencil by Burris Jenkins, 1956. Bishop at his desk.
    e.  Pencil by Burris Jenkins, undated.  Bishop looking out of airplane window at moon.


described by Rayola Appleby, D. Frank

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