Honeymoon Diary

Honeymoon Diary  [typescript]
440pages  22.5 x 29cm

Physical Description:

The pages are numbered in upper left corner and a number is stamped in the upper right corner in red along with the number 38246.  The 38246 number is stamped on every page.  There are many corrections within the text done in blue and red ink, red and green pencil, and pencil.  Most are printer's marks.  There are two smaller pages (15 x 21.5) within the pages. These appear to be the book cover draft done in pencil.  Several pages have written on them "pick up from smaple pp".  A couple of pages are made by pasting typewritten paragraphs onto them.  Each page has a check mark or cross through it.

Honeymoon Diary  [bookcover]
45 x 22cm

Physical Description:

This is the bookcover for "Honeymoon Diary" with the summary cut out from the front leaf.

Honeymoon Diary  [galley]
128 sheets  17.5 x 62.5cm

Physical Description:

Each page is stamped in the upper corner in red with the following "The Haddon Craftsmen Scranton, Pa Printer's Proof Please Return this Set with your corrections marked thereon" Jun 27, 1963 ds.  There are 3 pages to a sheet.  The first page is marked with "Slide 2"  Bank A-1. On the rest of the pages the Slide number changes but not the Bank A-1.  Green, red, and blue ink, and pencil are used to make corrections and printer's marks throughout the galley.  Each sheet is initialed in the upper right corner SB over Op.  The back of the sheets are initialed RC and JL on lower right corner.

Honeymoon Diary  [galley]
128 sheets  17.5 x 62.5cm

Physical Description:

Exactly the same as the other galley except for the date which is Aug 8, 1963 and the Slide number is 28 which changes for each page  and Bank L-18 which doesn't change.  Initialed on the front by HR and on the back but can't tell what they are.  Each page is checked off in green or red ink.

described by Rayola Appleby

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