Go With God

Go With God  [typescript]
445 pages  21.5 x 28cm

Physical Description:

It is stamped "Submit Revise" "10 sets-also include in Bound Galleys" on the front and back of several pages.  It is also stamped Job: Ga-Bishop date rec'd 7/9 1958 Show Proof (circled) with proof crossed out in the lower left corner under Submit Revise.  Editing and printer's marks are done in black, red, and blue ink, and green pencil.  Some of the pages are numbered and followed by the number and an A.  Several pages are made by pasting typed paragraphs or sentences to the page.  Some of the pages have three holes along the side made by a three hole punch.  Several of the pages are photo copy paper (wet Process).

Go With God  [inserts]
18 pages  21.5 x 28cm

Physical Description:

Many of the pages are marked with black and red ink, blue pencil, and pencil.  These are printer's marks.  A few of the pages are constructed by pasting typed paragraphs and sentences onto them.  There are some photo copy paper pages also.

Go With God  [lists]
9 pages  6- 21.5 x 28cm
  3- 18.5 x 26.5cm

Physical Description:

These are lists of people contacted to submit prayers to Jim Bishop for this book.  These are separated into prayers received (59),  Refusals or Pending (292), Addresses (59), and new letter to following (27).

Go With God  [typescript "Day of Despair"]
74 pages  21.5 x 28cm

Physical Description:

Printer and Editor's marks are done in red ink, blue and red pencil, and pencil.  The page numbers in upper left corner are crossed out and different numbers are written in red in upper right corner.  Words are crossed off and corrections made.  A few pages are made by pasting typed paragraphs or sentences onto a blank page.


"Day of Despair" was to be the original title of "Go With God".  Jim Bishop started this book after losing three of the ladies in his life in three months.  They were his mother-in-law, mother, and his wife.

Go With God  [galley]
118 sheets  19 x 63.5cm

Physical Description:

Stamped on the back of one of the sheets and on the last sheet is "Author Return this Marked Set of Proofs with Copy. Publisher".  The initials VG-DMK and MCS-FW are stamped on the back of some of the sheets.  There are some duplicate sheets.  There are three pages to a sheet. Printer's marks are done in red, blue, and green pencil, and pencil.

Go With God  [galley]
135 sheets  19 x 63.5cm

Physical Description:

Front sheet is stamped "MC G.H. Knix & Hold type 8/20/58" in blue ink.  JB and JV initials are in the lower right corner in red on all of the sheets.  FJ initials are on some of the sheets.  The initals VG-FN-FG are in the upper left corner in blue on all of the sheets.  

Cover for paperback edition by Monarch Books (MB504)

Go With God  [correspondence]
121 letters   various sizes

Physical Description:

Letters from Jim Bishop to various people asking for their favorite poem that could be included in the book he is writing.

Go With God [correspondence] (2007-002)
5 letters and 1 document relating to the payment of a portion of the royalties to Joan Nevins for her work in preparing the book.  Nov. 20, 1958-Feb. 5, 1959.

Letter to Bishop from Barbara E. Adams, McGraw-Hill to Bishop and his responding letter.  Discusses serialization of book by King Features.  Nov. 26 & 28, 1958.

2 letters from William Decker, McGraw-Hill, to Bishop.  Discuss book going out-of-print, disposition of the plates and reversion of rights.  Feb. 7 & 19, 1964.

described by Rayola Appleby

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