The Golden Ham

The Golden Ham  [typescript]
348 pages  21.5 x 28cm

Physical Description:

The first page appears to be a standard form "Advance uncorrected Proofs of--The Lonely Millionaire by Jim Bishop (written in pencil) to be published-in April 1956 (the date is written in pencil) Simon and Schuster, New York.  There are printer's notes done in pencil, blue and red ink.  The fourth page is a draft of the cover done in pencil.  Some pages are numbered with a number followed by a,b,c,or d.  They seem to be inserts to the text.  Some of the pages were papered punched with three holes along the side.  The pages are in very poor shape.  At the end of the typescript is a letter-Author's Note after P.S. at conclusion of the book to Jackie Gleason from Jim Bishop followed by letter from Gleason to Jim.


The book was originally titled "The Lonely Millionaire" and later changed to "The Golden Ham".  The letter from Jackie Gleason expressed some disappointment in how he was portrayed in the book but it was done and he agreed to do it Jim's way from the beginning.

The Golden Ham  [correspondence]

Letter from Phyllis Sari Levy to Jim Bishop.  Subject: copy of Simon and Schuster contract.  July 9, 1956;
14 x 21.5cm

The Golden Ham  [contract]
15 pages  21.5 x 27.5cm

Physical Description:

Changes are done in blue ink and initialed JAB.  

Miscellaneous Gleason material 

"It Takes a Lot of Living, Part Three."  by Jackie Gleason.  Noted "Jim Bishop".  (2007-002)

Look, title page, Jan. 24, 1956.  Announces serial biography of Gleason by Bishop. (2007-002)

Clipping, 1956, source unknown.  Comment by Jack E. Leonard regarding Look series. (2007-002)

"Dick Williams" column, Jan. 26, 1956.  Brief piece on The Golden Ham. (2007-002)

Du Bois, William.  "Books of the Times." New York Times 11 May 1956.  Review of The Golden Ham. (2007-002)

Mailgram from "The Great One" to Bishop, Feb. 12, 1976.  Thanking him for column Bishop wrote.  (2007-002)

Note from Marilyn Taylor Gleason to Bishop.  Nov. 27, 1974.  Thanking him for a piece he wrote.  (2007-002)

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