The Day Christ was Born

The Day Christ was Born  [typescript]
70 pages  21.5 x 28cm

Physical Description:

There are many marks throughout the text in red ink, brown pencil, pencil.  There are printer's notations done in red ink and many sections are crossed out.  One page is made by pasting several typed paragraphs onto it.  The last page has notes to the Printer and Editor.


This is the original manuscript that Jim Bishop was working on.

The Day Christ was Born  [galley]
30 sheets  17.5 x 60cm

Physical Description:

Every page is stamped "Marked Set".  The notations by the printer are done in blue ink.  Editor's marks are in red ink.  There are also some pencil corrections throughout.  There are three pages per sheet.  One sheet is 21.5 x 19cm and is inserted for the copyright page.  On the next to last sheet, page 77, is a note "Addtl copy coming for 75-76???".

The Day Christ was Born  [pictures]
9 pictures    7  25.5 x 20.5cm ; 2  12.5 x 18.5cm

Physical Description:

These are pictures of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

The Day Christ was Born  [letters]

Physical Description:

Letter to Jim Bishop from Dorothy Berger, assistant to Genevieve Young.  March 5, 1968.  Subject: manuscript/foul galleys.  Done on Harper & Brothers letterhead.
15 x 24.5cm

Letter to Brown Bros. from GY (Genevieve Young?). 8-8-60.   14 x 21.5cm

Letter to Brown Bros from Wilsdon 8-4-60.  Subject: instructions about pictures, new pages, and we must have plate proofs.  14 x 21.5cm.

described by Rayola Appleby

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