The Day Christ Died


The Day Christ Died  [miscellaneous]

Physical Description:

Salesmen Bulletin #1060-FLASH Re:Jim Bishop's "The Christ Died".  Lists 7 items with a notation in blue ink; Start's Dec '57. 16 x 24cm.

Flyer peach colored. This flyer folds in half and has excerpt from book on inside pages.  Back page has book particulars with printing 50,000 copies crossed out and 75,000 written in black marker.  24 x 31cm. 

Bookcover  37 x 23cm.

Card with notation written on it. "Arthur Godfrey TV had Jim Bishop on his program on Good Friday spoke on Day Christ Died; 9-11am and had some samp. "prayer of St. Francis".  3-27-59.  9.5 x 16cm.

Envelope-part of an envelope with writing on it 'containing Original Manuscript of The Day Christ Died by Jim Bishop'.  It has postage of 13 16 cent stamps and 2 2 cent stamps and is addressed to Dr. Russell Jandoli St. Bonaventure University.

Collation of Jim Bishop Manuscript Collection by Dorothy G. Wayman done on St. Bonaventure University letterhead dated July 25, 1961.  2 pages.  22.5 x 29cm.

The Day Christ Died  [booklet]
96 pages; 16 x 24cm

Physical Description:

Booklet titled "New Harper Books" Spring, March, April, May, June has "The Day Christ Died" as the center piece.

The Day Christ Died  [newsclippings]

Physical Description:

Denver, Co. -National Edition-"The Register"; Sunday Feb. 22, 1959.(Catholic Weekly)  It is a picture of Dr. Russell J. Jandoli, the Very Rev. Brian Lhota, ofm and Rev. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm looking over the gift of the manuscript valued at $10,000. 10 x 18cm.

Olean Times Herald- Same picture but with a write up titled "St. Bona Gets Manuscript of Bishop's Book".  Dated Feb. 12, 1959.  15 x 27cm.

The Bona Venture; Feb 13, 1959.  Article titled "Manuscript of Best-Seller Given Bona's by Jim Bishop"

The Day Christ Died  [newsclipping]

Physical Description:

Newsclipping "'Day Christ Died' Given to St. Bona-St. Bona Gets Manuscript of Bishop's Book".  Has a picture.

Newsclipping "Jim Bishop Gives Bonaventure Manuscript of Famed Writing"; Feb 12, 1959.

The Day Christ Died [serial]
19 pages; 27 x 35cm

Physical Description:

Part of the book published in serial form in the McCalls Magazine.  This is dated March 1957.  There is several colored pictures and covers 6:00pm to 2:00am.  "About this book" by Jim Bishop is at the beginning. "Noted Soon to be published in book form by Harper and Row".

The Day Christ Died  [typed pages]
630 leaves; 16 x 25cm

Physical Description:

Small three ring notebook lined paper typed on front and back of almost all the pages.  Some are only typed on the front.  There are numbers in the upper right corner that could be page numbers but there are gaps between some of the numbers.  The pages are divided into sections by tabs on the edge of the pages.  Almost all the pages are crossed out from corner to corner and some parts of the text are circled.  This is done in blue ink or pencil.


This may his working copy and as he used parts of the text he would cross it off.  The same with the circles and the different page numbers.  He apparently moved pages around or whole sections.

The Day Christ Died  [leaves]
9 leaves; 22.5 x 28.5

Physical Description:

These are retyped pages and corrections.  The first page has the notation "These are the last of the MUST corrections from Father Gorman".  Corrections are done in pencil and blue ink.  Words are crossed out and notations are put beside some of the text such as 'out' or 'done'.

The Day Christ Died  [map]
42 x 38cm

Physical Description:

This is a map on both sides of the 'Old City'.  It has two pictures pasted onto it of the 'Old City'.

The Day Christ Died  [typescript]
465 leaves; 22.5 x 29cm

Physical Description:

It is the original manuscript with blue ink or pencil notations throughout.  There are deletions, corrections and insertions on every page.  The pages are numbered in the upper left corner but some are not in order because pages seem to have been shifted from one section to another or whole chapters were moved.  The first 33 leaves are numbered by using the alphabet.  Through page 114, the pages are punched for a three-ring standard notebook. From page 115 to the end, they are not punched.


Quoting Dorothy G. Wayman: "This manuscript is a 'literary treasure' for scholars.  It is not a 'fair copy' for the printer, but the author's own draft, which as he acknowledges in the Preface, was subsequently read by clerical experts. For the scholar or bibliophile, it therefore presents valuable material in checking the author's first composition with his own emendations, the suggestions of his clerical critics, and of the publisher."

The Day Christ Died  [correspondence]
57 letters

A Western Union Telegram from Gene Shalit to Jim Bishop.   Popular "Breakfast Club" Show ABC, giving you and "The Day Christ Died" a big sendoff. February 22.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Evan Thomas, managing editor, Harper's.  Take a look at Dali's Crucifixion to see if it would make a good picture for book jacket. October 5, 1956.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Evan Thomas.  How did I come to write "The Day Christ Died". 2 pgs; October 18, 1956.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Evan Thomas.  About end paper maps.  October 18, 1956.

A letter from Alice Ford; the Literary Guild of America, Inc., to William H. Rose, Jr.; Harper & Brothers.  Asking the author of each Guild selection to write an article about the book for use in WINGS.  2pgs.; Nov. 4, 1956.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Evan Thomas.  Re: Personal appearances for promotion.  Will do only a limited amount. December 26, 1956.

A letter from Maurice C. Greenbaum of Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst to Jim Bishop.  Re: Contract with Zanuck.  Guarantee of payments.  January 10, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Stuart Harris, Director of Publicity, Harper & Row, to Jim Bishop.  Re: promotion of his book.  January 14, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Louella Parson, Herald Express Building.  Re:  Received payment for book "I am indeed a lucky guy". Sent copy of letter to Westbrook Pegler (Peg); Louis Sobol (Lou); Ed Sullivan; Francis Cardinal Spellman; Dorothy Kilgallen; Hedda Hopper; Mrs. Wm. H. Hearst, Jr. (Bootsie); James C. Hagerty; Clark Kinnaird; Frank Conniff.  January 23, 1957.

A memo from Evan Thomas to Mr. Rose; Mr. Fitzhenry; Mr. Grove; Mr. Hartman; Mrs. Lindley; Mr. Harris; Mr. Best. Re:  received comment from Rev. Ralph Gorman, C.P. Editor of 'The Sign', a National Catholic Magazine.  Delighted with book.  January 28, 1957.

A letter from Robert Cheney, art director, to Jim Bishop. Re: sketch for the front end paper and questions about other art in book.  January 30, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Robert Cheney.  Answered all the questions put to him and made suggestions on the art work.  February 1, 1957.

A letter from Father Pierre Benoit, o.p. to Jim Bishop. Thanking him for sending him a copy of "The Day Lincoln was Shot" and could he get a copy of "The Day Christ Died" February 2, 1957.

Note "Sent "The Day Christ Died" to Father Pierre Benoit of Jerusalem.  no date.

Western Union Telegram from Evan Thomas to Jim Bishop. Re: Just received imprimature with not a single change congratulations and regards.  Feb. 8.

A letter from Frank Hogan, Manager of Public Relations McCall's; to Jim Bishop.  Re: Interview with Jim; Am sending him (Jim) a copy of the McCall's March issue that contains "The Day Christ Died" serial.  February 14, 1957.

A receipt from Tiffany & Co. for a 14Kt. medal to be sent to Miss Barba Lawrence McCall's Magazine sold to Mrs. Alan Jackson, N.Y.C. How to send:card; Value; 28.50. February 15, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Frank Hogan.  Thanking him for all the things you and McCall's are doing for me. February 19, 1957.

A letter from George Weidenfeld; George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Limited Publishers; to Evan Thomas.  Re: Not entirely happy about the completeness or suitability of the preface for the English Market.  3 pages of suggestions to re-write parts of the text with 'Church of England' susceptibilities in mind.  4 pages; March 14, 1957.

A memo from vo (Virginia Olson) to Evan Thomas.  Club selections on "The Day Christ Died" and the amounts paid and copies ordered by each club.  March 14, 1957.

A letter from Evan Thomas to Phyllis Jackson and Jim Bishop. Book Club situation and sold syndication for book to every Hearst paper and are now going beyond Hearst chain.  March 15, 1957.

A letter from Phyllis Jackson to Jim Bishop.  Good news from the Kirkus Report on "The Day Christ Died". March 15, 1957.

A letter from Phyllis Jackson to Jim Bishop.  Everything all set for the French publication of "The Day Christ Died". March 18, 1957.

A letter from Phyllis Jackson, Literary Department, to Jim Bishop.  Enclosed find a letter from George Weidenfeld. March 20, 1957.

A letter from Phyllis Jackson to Jim Bishop.  British Contract came in today.  Have an offer from a Dutch publisher for "The Day Christ Died".  Also for the 'Lincoln book'. March 22, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Phyllis Jackson.  Say yes to the foreign offers.  Tell Weidenfeld that his changes are approved.  March 15, 1957.

A letter from Lorraine Lamazor, secretary to Phyllis Jackson, to Jim Bishop.  List of Book Clubs that have purchased "The Day Christ Died".  All the Hearst papers have taken the CHRIST book for syndication. March 25, 1957.

A letter form Lorraine Lamazor to Jim Bishop.  A check for $16,312.50 as final payment from McCall's for the serialization of "The Day Christ Died".  Another check for the same amount has been sent to Mr. Greenbaum for the trusteeship.  April 2, 1957.

A letter to Bootsie (Mrs. Wm Randolph Hearst) from Jim Bishop.  Sent a copy of the book to his parents and to her parents. April 4, 1957.

A letter from Clark Kinnaird, King Features Syndicate, to Jim Bishop.  Textual changes you specified have been made. Enclosed the first week's installments of "The Day Christ Died". 1 page letter; 8 pages installment; April 4, 1957.

 A letter from Phyllis Jackson to Jim Bishop.  Pleased by the offer for the CHRIST book from Wolfgan Kruger of Germany, publisher.  April 8, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Phyllis Jackson.  Please say yes to the offer from Germany.  April 9, 1957.

A letter from Rodney H. Clurman, Assistant to the producer of Tex and Jinx Show, to Jim Bishop.  Concerning the possibility of your appearing on "Closeup", the Tex and Jinx network interview program.  April 10, 1957.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Rodney H. Clurman.  Could do the interview but is strapped for time.  Suggests a date and time.  April 11, 1957.

A letter from Phyllis Jackson to Jim Bishop.  Second deal is now in effect. Thank you for the inscribed book. April 17, 1957.

A letter from J.S. Kessler to Gentlemen (Messre. Greenbaum, Wolff & Ernst, cc: Phyllis Jackson).  Payments for Book Clubs from Darryl F. Zanuck Productions, Inc. April 13, 1957.

A letter from vo to Evan Thomas.  Club selections on "The Day Christ Died".  Total about 800,000 copies sold in U.S. August 6, 1957.

A letter from O. Afton Linger, The Milton Baptist Church, to Jim Bishop.  Read serial in McCall's liked it so much that he would like a inscribed copy to better preach the Gospel.  October 23, 1957.

A letter from Mrs. Robert Alphaeus Beeland to Jim Bishop. Enclosing a copy of The Methodist Christian Advocate which contains a short review of his book.  Brings tears to her eyes when she reads the chapter "Jesus".  Nov. 1, 1967.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Mr. Rhodes.  Jesus age at the time of death.  A couple of views on how it was figured to come up with two different ages.  March 18, 1958.

A letter from Morton David Goldberg to Dr. Bernard A. Krull.  cc: to Mr. Jim Bishop.  Portuguese Contract.   March 19, 1958.

A letter from Robert I. Fitzhenry, Sales Manager Harper & Brothers, to Jim Bishop.  Bookstores being out of stock.   Problem has been taken care of.  2 pages; March 25,1958.

A card from Hugh Pitcher, CHINLEY Stockport: Cheshire, England; to Jim Bishop. "Thank-you for writing "The Day Christ Died".  It moved me to greater understanding...".   June 22, 1958.

A letter from Lillian Brune, Concordia Publishing House; to Jim Bishop.  Thank you for writing this book. June 24, 1958.

A letter from Evan Thomas to Jim Bishop.  A new printing sold nearly 106,000 copies, and have 135,000 copies in print.  October 28, 1958.

A letter from Evan Thomas to Jim Bishop.  Sold 500 copies of the book last week.  Will do a larger job of promotion around Easter time.  "Ask that Holt-World guy where he was back in 1954 when you and I were working on "The Day Lincoln was Shot?"  November 28, 1958.

A letter from Paluel J. Flagg M.D., National Resuscitation Society, Inc. to Jim Bishop.  Enclosed a bound manuscript which you may read title "Battle for Breath".   December 6, 1958.

A partial manuscript from Palnuel J. Flagg, M.D., K.C.H.S.. "Titled Blessed are the victims and those bereaved by Asphyxiation for this was the cause of death by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ".  7 pages.

A letter from Gerald M. Boyle to Jim Bishop.  Thank you for your book for it enriched the enjoyment and better understanding of my religion.  January 10, 1959.

A letter from Bette Shafer (Mrs. Carl D. Shafer) to Jim Bishop.  "It will be my pleasure to review for the Book Review Section of The Woman's Club of Havana on February 16 your book, "The Day Christ Died".  January 14, 1959.

A letter from Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm to Jim Bishop.   Thanking him for his so generous gift of the original manuscript.  February 19, 1959.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm.   "I will be sending more material to you from time to time.   If it has no value, please toss it into the wastebasket without acknowledgement."  February 26, 1959.

A letter from Jim Bishop to Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm.   Thank you for writing.  Hope to be able to visit soon.   Thank you for the enclosure; give my best wishes to Father Malachy.  May 23, 1959.

A letter from Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm to Maurice Greenbaum.  In reply to your request, sending a copy of The Jim Bishop Manuscript Collation by Dorothy Wayman.   2 pages; July 26, 1961.

A letter from Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm to Charles R. Smith (Appraisal Affiliates).  Value of the Manuscript.   July 26, 1961.

A letter from Maurice C. Greenbaum to Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, ofm.  Jim Bishop Manuscript Collection.  Needs copies of the three newspaper clippings which referred to the fact that the manuscript is valued at $10,000.   August 3, 1961.

A letter from Fr. Irenaeus Herscher,ofm to Maurice Greenbaum.  Sending the three clippings so that Mr. Greenbaum's office can make copies and send back the originals.  August 5, 1961.

A letter from Maurice C. Greenbaum to Fr. Irenaeus Herscher,ofm.  Returning the originals and have sent the revenue agent copies. Thank you. August 9, 1961.

A letter from Jacqueline de Bourbon to Bishop requesting an inscribed copy of the book.  Dec. 8, 1957.

Memorandum of Agreement between Bishop's estate and Andrew Nurnberg Associates for rights to sell book in Czech language. 24 May 2004. (2008-002)

File: Day Christ Died--Film Controversy (23 items)(2007-002)
    1.  Letter from Roberta Haynes, Twentieth Century-Fox, to Bishop.  Announces upcoming filming of book and notes inclusion of script.
    2.  Letter from Bishop to Roberta Pryor, International Creative Management, protesting script of film.  July 26, 1979 (2 copies)
    3.  Press release.  From Bishop, protesting inaccuracy of film.  Sept. 1, 1979. (3 copies)
    4.  Note from Roberta Pryor to Bishop re: items not available. Sept. 11, 1979.
    5.  3 clippings relating to Bishop's press release and the announcement of the upcoming film production.  Sept. 6, 1979 & 2 n.d. (2 sheets)
    6.  Letter from Walter Cronkite to Bishop re: film controversy.  Sept. 12, 1979.
    7.  Letter to W. Russell Barry, President, 20th Century-Fox Television, from Bishop.  Asks for his name to be removed and title changed.  Sept. 14, 1979.(carbon)
    8.  Letter to Bob Daly, President, CBS Entertainment Div., from Bishop.  Asks for his name to be removed and title changed.  Sept. 14, 1979. (carbon)
    9.  Letter to Roberta Haynes from Stephen Sultan, International Creative Management.  Reiterates Bishop's requests for his name to be removed and title to be changed.  Sept. 21, 1979. (copy)
    10.  Letter from W. Russell Barry, 20th Century-Fox, to Bishop.  Agrees to remove name, will not change title.  Oct. 5, 1979.
    11.  Letter to Stephen Sultan, ICM, from Richard Colby, 20th Century-Fox Television, Senior Counsel.  Discusses title change.  Oct. 9, 1979. (copy)
    12.  Letter to Bishop from Stephen Sultan, ICM.  Cover letter for transmittal of no.11.  Oct. 12, 1979.
    13.  Letter to Justin A. Manus, Weiss Rosenthal & Schwartzman, from Stephen Sultan, ICM.  Cover letter for a copy of no. 9.  Oct. 12, 1979 (copy)
    14.  Letter to [W. Russell] Barry from Bishop.  Thanks for removing name, reiterates request for name change and cautions against release using script.  Nov. 14, 1979.  (copy)
    15.  Letter to Richard Colby, 20th Century-Fox Television, from Stephen Sultan, ICM.  Accepts removal of name and regrets the refusal to change title on behalf of Bishop.  Nov. 26, 1979.  (copy)
    16-24.  Letters and items supporting Bishop's stand from various individuals and organizations.

The Day Christ Died  [picture]
28.5 x 36cm

Physical Description:

Black and White picture of Jim Bishop and a group of people having an audience with Pope Pius XII.  

described by Rayola Appleby

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