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The Lenna Endowed Visiting Professorship, established in 1990, is funded through gifts from Elizabeth S. Lenna Fairbank and the late Reginald A. Lenna of Jamestown.  It is designed to bring scholars of stature in their field to St. Bonaventure and Jamestown Community College for public lectures.

There is usually one Lenna Visiting Professor per academic year.  The appointment is for the spring or the fall semester to enable a school or department to bring in someone whom it might otherwise not have been able to consider (in terms of cost, etc).

The purpose of the professorship is to bring individuals of national and international stature to St. Bonaventure to enrich the learning environment and to enhance the university's reputation.  To that end, the minimum tenure for the Lenna Visiting Professor is two weeks.  Anyone within the university may nominate a Lenna Visiting Professor.

The criteria for an appointment of a Lenna Visiting Professor:

.       The candidate must have demonstrated significant accomplishments in his/her field
.       The candidate, if possible, should be interdisciplinary so that the benefit will be as widespread as possible and will further the aims of the core curriculum

.       The candidate, while in residence at St. Bonaventure, will participate in a meaningful way in classroom instruction and interact with faculty and students (e.g., Friday Forum and/or one on one)

.       The candidate will give at least two public lectures - one at St. Bonaventure and one at the Jamestown campus of Jamestown Community College

.       The candidate will attend a dinner at St. Bonaventure
.       Schools/departments that have not hosted a recent Reginald Lenna Visiting Professor may be given priority in the review process

Information to be included in the formal nomination:

.       Rationale for the nomination of candidate, e.g., connections to the core curriculum; disciplines to be covered; schools/departments that will benefit

.       Candidate's curriculum vitae
.       Tentative schedule
.       Suggested timetable
.       Estimated budget
.       Anything else that would be useful to the committee in making its determination

List   Biographies

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