We had a record turnout for the 2008 Irregular Muster.  Of course that wasn't hard to do with a peak of 3 attendees in previous years.  2008 more that doubled that number to 7, with David returning after a gap of 3 years and Bill, Mike and Tom making their first appearances. 

After breakfasting at the Waffle House in State College and sharing John's news about the upcoming publication of the Piper biography and a major donation to the Piper memorial fund, Tom showed us the new item in his collection.  It's a previously unknown carbon copy of the typescript for the second Little Fuzzies book.  John and Dennis had compared it with the known copy at Penn State a few weeks prior and had determined that it was unique.  Piper's own corrections to the piece were what allowed us to make the determination.  Unfortunately, its provenance is still a mystery.

After an extended breakfast, we headed off to Williamsport, Piper's final address.  The parking lot below represents one in a series of such parking lots which are all that remain of every place in Pennsylvania where Piper lived.  The second shot is of the group in front of a neighboring apartment which would probably have been very similar to Piper's.  All of the places John has identified as important to Piper's daily life in Williamsport are nearby, certainly within walking distance.  The 3rd image is one taken at the library where Piper spent much time.  In fact, this library was one of the main attractions of Williamsport for Piper.  We found two of his signed novels and the catalog of his gun collection as displayed at the historical society in the library.

After lunch at a decent Mexican restaurant (Thanks, Fred.) in Williamsport we headed back to State College, taking the long route and visiting Marax Ford, Listra battlefield, Sevenhills Valley and the transposition point where it all began. 

A great day in Hostigos and Nostor!

More images will follow soon.