Irregular Muster 2005

We had our normal (so far) attendance of three at this year's H. Beam Piper event.  Fred (Hostigos) and Dennis (Nyklos) provided the local contingent and tour guides.  Bill came up from the Harphax area to join us. 

The day's event began at Webster's Bookshop in State College.  Fred brought a draft of the Atlas Hostigi.  It's looking great!  You can see the copy lying on the topo map of Hostigos on the table.  That's Fred in black, Bill in the middle and Dennis on the right .  A hairy bunch if nothing else.  Our tour began at the insertion point on the edge of Nittany Valley "just across the Clinton County line."  We're reasonably confident about the spot as it fits Piper's description very well.

After a rather circuitous trek from Nittany Valley into Seven Hills Valley following one of the paths that Piper may have been thinking of as he had his characters moving through the action of the story, we passed through Dombra Gap and headed to a fine lunch at the Olive Tree in Williamsport.  Highly recommended!  As we journeyed southwest from Fitra we passed through Hostigos Town, where I've finally found a decent spot for viewing the gap.  Tarr Hostigos would be sited on the right side of the gap.  One may see the Listra Valley  through the gap. 

Rain broke up the normal flow of the tour so we headed south to Sask.  We found Piper's grave on the first try this year.  Fred pointed out that the grave site is just a hundred yards, or so, from Piper's home. 


The last photo is looking from the grave down the street towards where Piper lived much of his life.  His side of the street, on the right, is now a parking lot and helipad for the hospital.  Our tour finished with visits to the Fyk and Esdreth sites on our way back to State College. 

Another fine day in the world of Lord Kalvan.

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