May 19, 1964--Calvin Morrison is transported across Paratime to Hostigos 12,15,46

                from 4th Level, Europo-American, Hispano-Columbian Subsector to 4th Level, Aryan-Transpacific, Styphon's House Subsector

June 14--200 days to Year-End Day 5

Day 1

4 hours to arrival at Vurth's farm 17

Fight at Vurth's farm (1/2 hr.), Rylla shoots Kalvan 19,22

Day 4

Kalvan wakes up three days later, 27

Day 5

Next day, Kalvan's lessons begin, 30

Day 6

Next day, Kalvan's up, eating solid food, 31

Day 29

Kalvan makes fireseed,41

Borders sealed, fireseed production begins


4 days

Day 34

day 5 Wolf Valley sulfur plant ready 45

Day 51+ , July 9-10, Verkan plans to enter Hostigos, 174 days before year end, 47,49

Day 48-57?, Verkan enters Sask, (July 14?) 168-9 days before year end, 54

celebration in Hostigos Town 50

Verkan's arrival in Hostigos 54


Day 99, Aug. 26

Assault on Tarr Dombra 61,78

Day 100

raids into Nostor 71

Day 103

3 days to thanksgiving ceremony in Temple of Dralm, announcement of engagement of Kalvan and Rylla, frontier opened

Day 105   Sept. 1

120 days to Year-End Day 70

Verkan leaves for Zygros City and back, about 40 days

Day 106

3 moons since Hostigos in trouble to Seklos receipt of letters from Ptosphes and Vyblos 78

3 moons since Kalvan's appearance 78

                1 moon from then to border closing 78

                6 days since capture of Tarr Dombra 78


Krastokles sent to Nostor, letter to archpriest in Sask 80

Day 108

Verkan assaulted in Glarth

Day 116

Verkan arrives in Zygros City

Day 127

nearly 1 moon since fall of Tarr Dombra, Nostori council 90

Day 128

Next day Klestreus leaves for Marax Ford 92,94

                column 3 miles long 94

                4000 merc. cav., 2000 merc. inf., 1000 Nostori inf., 15 guns 95

                Netzigon, with all Nostori army, moves to Listra-Mouth 95

Klestreus campfires at Nirf, 95

Day 130

following day takes Marax Ford 92

Battle of Fitra, over by noon 101-106

1730 2 miles W. of Athan 106

Netzigon attacks Vyrllos Gap 107,114

Nirf/Narza 109

Harmakros captures Krastokles 115

Krastokles arrives in Tarr Gormoth

Rylla injured

Day 130

Kalvan returns to Tarr Hostigos

Gormoth takes silver from Styphon's temple

Day 131

Kalvan and Mytron discuss Rylla's injury.


Day 139?

Unemployed mercenary (black and white) comes from Armanes of Nyklos asking to purchase fireseed

Verkan and Dalla return in SE Nyklos

Day 146?


Kalvan shot

Day 147

Styphon's assassins executed in Hostigos Town

Full Council meeting in Hostigos

Klestreus leaves for Beshta, Tharses leaves for Sask

Day 148?

Tharses returns with declaration of war from Sask

Riders reach Tarr Hostigos in evening, Kalvan reaches village by night

Tarr Esdreth begins firing

Day 149

Verkan's troops reach Fyk, followed, an hour later, by Kalvan

Day 150, Oct. 16, sunrise 6:15

Battle of Fyk

1000 Harmakros on road for Sask Town

1630 main army in Sask

1815 riders report Sarrask's capture by Rylla and Dalla

Day 151

meetings with Sarrask, Balthames, diplomats, priests, mercenary captains announcing Hos-Hostigos

afternoon investiture of Kalvan as Great King, Ptosphes as Prince of Old Hostigos and First Prince of Great Kingdom

Day 152

Styphon's priests dealt with

Day 153

Recantation by Styphon's priests

Day 154

Balthar seizes Styphon's temple in Besh

Balthar comes to Tarr Hostigos to acknowledge Kalvan's sovereignty

Civil war in Nostor 

Tythanes of Kyblos arrives to do homage

Kestophes of Ulthor comes several days later

Kalvan and Rylla are married

2-day feast, plus one for hangovers

Balthames and Amnita are married


feasting for two more days

Day 165+?

early November
Verkan's Zygrosi within 10 days of pouring first castings
Skranga reports on events in Nostor

Day 200

Year-End Day