A view of the Village of St. Anthony, as seen from Francis Hall.
Shane House, located in the Glen of St. Clare, next to Francis Hall.

The Townhouse Apartments, usually known as the Townhouses, offer St. Bonaventure students an on-campus alternative to living in the old-style dormitories. Like the Garden Apartments, the Townhouses offer apartment-style living with the convenience of being on campus. Each Townhouse consists of eight apartments, a laundry room, and two common lounges. The apartments are designed to house four students apiece, and include four single bedrooms, one and one-half bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area. There are 12 Townhouses in total, and they are broken into two separate groups: the Glen of St. Clare and the Village of St. Anthony.


Phase I

The Townhouses were constructed in 3 phases. Phase I, begun in June 1994 and completed for the Fall semester of that year, consisted of the construction of 3 Townhouses (#13) to the east of Francis Hall (#11), part of what is now the Village of St. Anthony.

Phase II

In March 1997, ground was broken next to the Phase I Townhouses for Phase II of the construction project, which added six more buildings to the Village of St. Anthony (#13), along Francis Drive. Construction began that summer and was completed for the fall 1997 semester.

Phase III

Phase III of the Townhouse construction project was completed on schedule in August of 1999. This phase added three buildings (#3) between Francis Hall (#2) and the Garden Apartments (#4). These three townhouses are known as the Glen of St. Clare. The building in the Glen that is nearest to the main road is called Paladino House, in memory of Belesario and Sara Paladino, parents of Carl P. Paladino, Esq., a member of the St. Bonaventure Board of Trustees from 1989-99. The building directly behind Paladino is named Shane House, after G. Sydney Shane, Esq., a Bonaventure graduate with the class of 1923 and a member of the Board of Trustees from the 1930s to the 1970s.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are eligible to live in the Townhouses, although preference is given first to Seniors, then to Juniors. Room selection is carried out through a lottery system by which all on-campus housing is selected. The Townhouses are very popular among students due to the independence they offer on campus without the hassle and responsibilities that come with living off campus.

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