Banjo Music Pictures
Here is a sample of some of the more interesting pieces in the Flanagan banjo music collection.
 College Songs for Banjo was published in 1888 in New York by Oliver Ditson.   This booklet of banjo chords was published in 1904 by Carl Fischer. 
National School for the Banjo was published in 1890 by Alfred A. Farland, who also wrote the piece.  It was published in Pittsburgh. UTD Method for the Banjo was published in 1898 by the John Church Co. in Cincinnati.
10 Original Banjo Duets was published in 1904 in Boston by Walter Jacobs.  The Witmark Progressive Banjo Method was published in 1902 in New York by M. Witmark.
Songs for the Banjo Arranged in C Notation by Well Known American Players was published in 1919 by William J. Smith in New York.  This last piece, Winner's Eureka Method for the Banjo, was published in 1892 in New York by Oliver Ditson.

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