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Bishop’s Timon’s Diary-
Excerpts from the diary focusing on the Franciscans, the Devereux family and the college.
  Please note that the spelling of these entries is the Bishop’s, as far as we can decipher his handwriting.  Thus, “Devereaux” should be “Devereux”, etc.



November 18, 1855     Confirm at St. Louis Ch.  Preached in German.  Try to make all pray together in Church.  Great Crowd.

Franciscan fell, injured.

                                    Mass Orphan Assylumn.


December 19, 1855     (in Syracuse)  Start with Devereaux [sic], night at Albany, consult.


December 20, 1855     On to Rochester. Visit sick.  Start home at 11:00.


December 25, 1855      Matins & Lauds at 2 ½.  Pontifical High Mass at 4.  Preach.  Preach again at 11.  Pontifical Vespers.  After Vespers go to St. Mary of the Lake (Lockport).  Preach.  Give Benediction.


December 31, 1855     Mass very cold.  On to Rochester (from Scottsville), thence to Buffalo at 5:30 P.M.  Learn of death Devereux, find letters & telegraph.  Start at 10 P.M. for Utica.  On all night.


January 1, 1856            Reach Utica at 5:00.  Go to Orphan Assylum of Sisters of Charity, say mass and give Communion.  Then see the Devereaux, preach at late mass.  Mr. Kernan promises to send me the $150 for Geneva.  Start, Reach Buffalo at 11 P.M. 


March 3, 1856             (While on Confirmation tour) (3/2 at Andover)


                                    On to Cuba.  Confess.  Fr. Pamfilo writes me.


March 4, 1856             Mass.  Confessions.  Tell my complaints to people, that they accuse Doran without reason, and they promise to do better.  Preach.  Confirm 33.  On through drifts, much detention on to Olean.  Find Tuohy, who could not get through.  Tell him to remain in a kind of retreat and confess to Fr. Pamfilo tomorrow, and then return to mission.  Walk (no carriage) at 9 P.M. to Hotel, 1 ½ miles.


March 5, 1856             Mass.  Confessions.  Preach at late Mass.  Confirm 18.  On to Allegany.  Visit church, put up bills for preaching tonight.  At 7, many people for confessions.  Preach.  John Devereux comes at 10 P.M.


March 6, 1856             Mass.  Confessions.  Confirm 20.  Mr. J. D[evereux] shows me the land for the F[ranciscans] & the spot on which to build.  Tell him that we want to lay the cornerstone in the spring, & have it covered before winter.  He says that his father wanted to make the deed, & his mother now wants to do so.  Start to Chipmunk mission.  Thrown from sleigh.  Confessions until 10 P.M.  Very cold.


March 7, 1856             Confess many.  Mass at 8 ½.  18 Communions.  I had prepared to confirm 3 but the Superior of the Franciscans had put no oils in sack.  Hence had to put off till next time.  Start.  On to Allegany at 11 A.M.  Mr. D[evereux] ready to start, take a hasty meal & start, very cold.  Night at Ellicottville, preach on the Way of the Cross.


March 8, 1856             Mass.  Given plan for Monastery.  Invite to seek for Sisters of 3rd Order, as I do not approve the mixed schools he has.


March 9, 1856             Mass, Bitter cold.  Confessions.  Preach at High Mass and confirm 6.  Vespers.  Baptize & confirm John Nelson Williams.  Give directions, inspect books.


March 10, 1856           Cold. 30 degrees below zero.  Start for Randolph.  Almost frozen Open church.  Extreme cold.  Confess and preach.


March 11, 1856           Mass. Confessions. Late Mass about 30 Communion. Confirm 11.  On to Jamestown.  Arranged.  Sick call at 6 miles.


March 15, 1856           (Back in Buffalo after confirming at Jamestown & preaching at Dunkirk)

                                    Mr. J. & T. Devereux.  Altar, etc.  Superior of Franciscans, urge to build house.


March 30, 1856           (after going to N.Y. & Phila in effort to borrow money return to N.Y.C. says) “Mass at St. Columba.  Franciscan preaches.  Out to A. Corrigan’s


June 5, 1856                Mass (in Buffalo)  Start for Allegany.  Mrs. Devereaux, her sons and sister, Superior of Franciscans.  I object to location already made, mark one on village side of railroad.


June 6, 1856                Mass, confessions.  On to Olean, thence by Dunkirk to Buffalo.


August 8, 1856             Mass at 4 ½.  To Canandaigua.  Arrange to send two Sisters of St. Jos. to Brooklyn.  Home at night.  Franciscan:  Show him things to correct in deed.


August 19, 1856           Mass.  Start for Allegany.  Visit Sister(?) Francis, Dunkirk.  Visit sexton(?) of church, etc.


August 20, 1856           Mass.  Procession in rain.  Lay cornerstone of Church and Monastery.  Preach.  Night to Dunkirk at 12.


                                    N.B.  It had rained the night he first arrived in Buffalo.


Sept. 15, 1856             Mass at Convent of Sacred Heart [Rochester].  Preach.  On to Utica, give letter to Lawler.  Mr. Devereaux promoises in January more for Altar of John.  On to New York.


February 17, 1857       On to Ellicottville.  Start at 7:00.


February 18, 1857       Mass.  Start for Great Valley with Mr. Devereux & Rev. Pamfilo.  Find Grey, architect there.  Arrange details of new house.  On to Dunkirk


March 5, 1857             (in Albany)  Mass.  Alcohol given for wine.  Remedy at altar.  See Senators, etc.  Pay taxes on land at Allegany.


August 26, 1857           Mass.  Start for Ellicottville.  Arrange different things of Rosary, cat[echism], etc. etc.  Visit new graveyard.


August 27, 1857           Mass.  Start for Allegany.  Stop at Chapelsburg, give directions, four acres for Church.  Agreed to (buy?).  J.D.  On to Allegany.  Order workmen to pull down part of wall, badly built.  Forbid the Franciscans to admit any externs to Mass in their house.  Change altar to private room.  Give order to menace (warn) Mr. McIvers for cutting wood off our land.  Visit Church.


August 28, 1857           Mass.  Start for Olean, thence to Dunkirk.  Look over accounts, etc.  See M(rs.?) Devereux. On to Buffalo.


October 3, 1857          Mass.  Communion to German priests.  Arrange for different missions. ……..  Refused Kuntz, ordered him to his convent.  The gent. who gave the retreat interceded for him, said he could not go back to Franciscans.  Consultation.  (Perhaps Kuntz of 31st St.)


October 4, 1857          Mass.  Command Kuntz not to go to Sr. Bridgets.  Preach at night.


October 10, 1857        see Kuntz


March 6, 1858             Mass.  Start for Ellicottville.  There at 7 ½ P. M.


March 7, 1858             Mass at 8 ½.  Many Communions.  Preach at H[igh] M[ass].  Again at Post Comm[union].  Again after Mass, before and after Confirmation.  Confirm 41.  Preach at Vespers.


March 8, 1858             Mass.  Start home at night.


November 2, 1858       Mass.  Preach (at Dunkirk).  On to Allegany.  Preach after High Mass. Lecture at night. Great Crowd.


November 3, 1858       Mass.  Consecrate burial ground.  Preach.  On to Dunkirk.


April 7, 1859                To Cuba (from Wellsville) last evening.  Confessions.  Mass.  Preach again at Confirmation.  On to Allegany.  Find that deed reserves 14 80/100 acres.


April 8, 1859                Mass to Chapinsburg.  Preach at Mass.  Confirm.  On to Ellicottville, give advice to Fathers.  Tell J.D., his mother and wife, about the 14 80/100 acres, yet so as not to offend.  Preach.


April 9, 1859                Mass.  Examine books.  Start home. D.G.


May 3, 1860                Mass.  Home.  Give deed to Pamfilo, $7200 due on mortgage by him.  Throw off about $3000 of olden time, and about $600 since xxxx.


May 5, 1860                Mass.  See Mann.  Pamfilo does not wish to keep the deed I made for the whole lot--$7,200—by which I lost 3,000.  ______ him to see what he would like, and if he would like to withdraw he might.  Start for Toronto, there at 9 ½ P.M.


May 6, 1860                Preach at Consecration of St. Mary’s, again at night.


May 7, 1860                Mass.  Start with Bp. Lynch, have at 1 ½ P.M.  Letters.  Give another deed to Pamfilo for thus

                                    For $3000 to be paid with interest as  


                                    Part of mortgage to A. Mann, Jr.

                                    Bp. Lynch give $90 for altars.


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June 1, 1860                Mass, confirm. Start. To Olean, lecture to great crowd. On to Monastery.


June 2, 1860                Mass at 4:00.  To Olean.  On in cars to Elmira.


June 28, 1860              Mass.  Write letters.  Arrange for missions.  Out to Boys’ Orphan Asylumn, instruction.  Start at 4 P.M.  Stay at Dunkirk, long talk with Passionists.  Start at 10 P.M.


June 29, 1860              At 1 A.M. in Franciscan Monastery.  Mass at 7 A.M.  Assist at exam[inations] till noon.  After, in rain, visit foundation of house for Sisters.  Exhibition & examin[ation] till 5 P.M.  Speak.  Start at 9 P.M. to Olean.  Take cars.  At Dunkirk at 1 A.M.  Stay till 3.  On to Buffalo, at 4.50.


September 27, 1860     Mass at 4 A.M.  On to Ellicottville, on rout J.C.D. [John C. Devereux?] tells of money of C. at int., etc. Lecture at night.  God.  Catechism.


September 28, 1860     Mass, confessions.  Preach at H[igh] M[ass], God.  Confirm, preach.  On to Little Valley with J.C. D. write to Bradley to give him Little & Great Valley.  Devereux to build at once a church two or three miles from Salamanca.  On to Dunkirk.  Lecture God.  On to Buffalo.


September 29, 1860     Mass (in Buffalo).  Write to Superior of Brothers of Mary, Nazareth, Ohio.  To Pamfilo to take from him all west of Great Valley.  High Mass.  Get receipt from Webster.  Give back to T.C. Welch.


October 20, 1860        Mass.  Write to Lucas, etc. Draft to Maguire $1000.  Start for Allegany.  There at 7 P.M.


October 21, 1860        Pontifical High Mass.  Ordain Fr. Joachim a Montefecatseio priest.  Preach.  After Vespers in Monastery, Confirm 1.


October 22, 1860        Mass.  Visit Sisters.  To Olean.  Train delay.  Dine at family.  Reconcile husband, wife, & daughter.  On to Dunkirk, see Arrant, write to Byrne not to mind Dayton (?) home.


January 3, 1861            Mass.  Mr. Pamfilo.  Tell him I had assumed $50 for O’Donohue for one year only;  Assents.  Tell him that father can pay.  Speak of land.  Commission him to sell, but not pick at 12 ½ down, balance on mortgage, or wood alone on hill at from 25 cts. to 50 per cord, or at $8 per acre.  Settle with McMahon for Milton case.


January 18, 1861          Mass.  Letters.  Refuse right of St. Patrick to Fr. Sisto.  Tell him how little he does.  (Yet when 3/17 came he went anyhow).  Letter to Pat. Short to threaten Ex[communication] on 27 January.  Start to Rochester, arrange affairs with O’Brien.


January 30, 1861          Mass.  Permit Mr. O’Farrell to go to Allegany.  Mr. Geymar comes.


April 18, 1861              Tuohy, after refusing, consents glad (?) to go to Ellicottville.


June 16, 1861              Mass.  Confirm at St. Patricks.  Turn more than half for not knowing,  Scold.  Fr. Sisto:  Try to examine children in church for prizes, (?) not prepared.  Put off.


August 18, 1861           Deputation from St. Patricks for permission to have picnic.  Tell them to send priest.


August 25, 1861           tell Sisto countermand picnic.  Sent note in morning to Sisto to countermand PicNic published in Sentinel 23 [?] for 29, at _______ met him and again countermanded.


January 7, 1862            Sisto comes.


February 15, 1863       Name McGlynn to Auburn.  Must be there tomorrow night.  Name Gregg & Lawton to Hornellsville and Portageville missions except Belfast, Angelica, Philipsville, Scio, which I offer to Franciscans.


June 25, 1863              (from Hornellsville) Mass at 5.  On to Franciscan Convent, Allegany.  Assist at exercises.  Speak in fine.  Visit Franciscan nuns.  Promise $50 per year each for two Indian girls to be educated there for one year.  And if all seems promising, perhaps to continue.  $20 Fr. Pamfilo … Advice to Tuohy & Byrne.


June 26, 1863              Mass.  Advice to Pamfilo about Tabernacle, little Chapels, meditation for Sem. every morning.  Start. Dine at Passionists, Dunkirk.


September 11, 1863     Write …..  to Pamfilo about Monaghan whom I am about sending to Genoa, and about Donagho whom I will keep here…..


November 23, 1863     Mass.  On to Allegany, (from Corning)  Letters etc. Telegraph to Salamanca.  Answer “will not be ready”.


November 24, 1863     Mass.  Ordain to Tonsure & Minor Orders and to Subdeacons.  Visit Sisters.


November 25, 1863     Mass.  Ordain 4 Deacons.  Lecture in Olean.  Confirm.


November 26, 1863     Ordain 3 priests.  Start for Ellicottville.  Examine children.  Instruct.  See Mrs. Devereux.  Refuse to lodge there.  Lecture at night.


November 27, 1863     Mass.  Preach at Gospel.  Again at Confirmation.  Explain to Mrs. Devereux.  Start at Dunkirk at 7 P. M.