St. Bonaventure Campus

c. 1940

In 1940 the campus of St. Bonaventure (then known as St. Bonaventure College) consisted of six major buildings. To the west was Devereux Hall, which served as both dormitory and Franciscan friary. There was also a chapel attached to the west wing whose entrance faced the inside court. Next to this was Butler Gymnasium that housed not only the gym but also had office areas for athletics and various student groups. On the south side of Hickey Dining Hall there was a convent for the sisters who ran the food service.

Friedsam Library was the newest building on campus. The president's office overlooked the library's main reading room. The basement of the Library had a number of separate study rooms containing various subject collections. East of the Library was De la Roche Hall which was the classroom building but which also housed the bookstore and post office. At the east end of campus was Alumni Hall which contained recreation rooms and a large auditorium where films were often shown.

To the south of De la Roche and Alumni Halls lay a pathway that led to a small shrine dedicated to St. Therese of Lisieux. Just beyond this shrine there was a grove of trees and a grotto dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. To the west and south of these sites were the McGraw-Jennings Athletic Fields. Beyond all these to the south lay the line of trees that marked the path of the Allegheny River. There was a railroad bridge nearby spanning the river which allowed people to venture over to the hills and valleys on the other side.

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