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Minutes of the Board of Trustees
Minutes of August 27, 1858

                    Ellicottville Aug 27/58
At a meeting held this day at the residence
of John C. Devereux  Present Rev Pamfilo
de Magliano. Mrs. Nicholas Devereux & John
C Devereux.  Rev. Pamfilo de Magliano was
chosen President Pro Tem & J. C. Devereux Sec
Pro Tem.  The Building Committee reported
that they had erected a large & spacious Brick
College three stories high besides basement
and attic 60 feet & 45 feet on the land donated
by the heirs of the late Nicholas Devereux at a
cost of about 8,000 dolrs the precise sum not now
known as the Bills some not all made out &c
and that the Building was completed and
ready for occupation & asked to be discharged
Report accepted & committee discharged
J. C. Devereux tendered his resignation to
take effect after the adjournment of this
meeting which was accepted & Rev. Sisto da
Gagliano was elected trustee to fill the
vacancy caused by his resignation
On motion it was Resolved to proceed to elect
Officers for the ensuing year  A letter was
read from Bishop Timon declining the office
of President whereupon Rev. Pamfilo de
Magliano was appointed President and 
Rev Sisto da Gagliano was appoined 
Secretary for the ensuing year
Rev Pamphilo da Magliano stated that the
Society was in debt for the building about
One Thousand Dolrs the remainder having
been contributed that it would be necessary to
expend about One Thousand Dolrs for furniture
& moved that he be authorized to make a loan
for the sum of Two Thousand Dolrs on the credit
of the Society and if necessary to mortgage the
Real Estate for that purpose Which was ap-
proved & the Meeting adjourned sine die
                        John C. Devereux
                                Sec pro tem

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