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1861:  Bonaventure's first public entertainment was held on January 31, 1861 at St. Bonaventure's College.  A group of 30 students put on a 4 act drama entitled Sebastian, the Roman Martyr.  It was such a hit, that this group of students performed again on March 18 at Martin's Hall, Olean. See also Theater  Back

1877: Third Order of St. Francis is founded, which included students of the College and Seminarians.  This organization instilled the spirit of St. Francis into its students and seminarians at the school.  They held meetings every month in the chapel. Back

1899: The Laurel was the literary magazine and college newspaper on campus.  It was founded by Paschal Robinson, O.F.M. (later to become Archbishop).  The goal of this organization was to aid students in writing literary works, and to keep the school up to date on news.  Back

1926: The St. Bona Venture was the school's first newspaper.  It partially replaced The Laurel in that The St. Bona Venture reported the news of interest to the campus community, while The Laurel became dedicated to the literary and scholarly works of that community.  Back

1938: MenÚndez y Pelayo was a Spanish club founded by Father Roderick Alvarez to emphasize the importance of the Hispanic-American movement.  Back

1940: St. Bonaventure Community Symphony Orchestra was a successful group that had high musical standards that they met and achieved.  Its members included local music students, teachers, and college students.  Back

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